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Published on September 10th, 2018 | by admin


Last Minute Packing Tips For Your Weekend Trip

A round of applause and hearty congratulations to you as you have won the week’s battle and are planning to take off for the weekend on a much-awaited trip! After you have had a talk with your travel agent and made all the necessary arrangements all that is left to take care of is pack the travel bags! YAY or NAY!? Well, for most is it the latter since packing is indeed a backbreaking chore and to do that on the last minute!? Ah! The Cramps!

Fret not! We have put together some of the finest, tried and tested last minute packing tips for those who want to ace the chore and head for the road in no time.

Make a list

One might point out that due to time constraints, making a list is an unnecessary step especially when one is in a hurry to hit the road. Take a breath and read – it will save you from frustration that can follow if you forgot to bring your camera or your favourite pair of shorts! It is advised to jot down everything one needs to pack along with the quantity. It is of utmost importance since it will allow you to run around the house, not like an aimless bird but like one with a plan!

Create a neat yet small wardrobe

Yeah, you read that right and you might be thinking, “I have heard this one before!” Well, you have! It is one of the most trusted, effective and efficient tips that backpackers have followed since time immemorial. The trick is to create a capsule wardrobe that consists of similar coloured dress materials and types. It allows a traveller to mix and match their outfit to keep the same from becoming a bore! Opt for versatile pieces of wardrobe that can be efficiently matched with one another to create a unique outfit every time!

Don’t pack anything that is too precious to you!

Okay! We understand that it might have sounded a bit harsh but if you follow it, it will be for your own good! If you are considering bringing an item with you on your weekend trip that is valuable to you as well as in terms of a price tag, refrain from doing so. If the same gets misplaced, or worse, stolen then you will be the one who will be regretting the decision! It is better to leave items of value like your heirloom or those beautiful pieces of jewellery at home where they will be safe till you return.

Check the list twice

Take a breather, again, and stop for a minute to check the list you’ve previously made of the things you are taking for your trip before you stuff all of it in the travel bags! It is best to lay all the items on the floor or on the bed and start sorting them out into groups or as per their categories. It will allow you to rest assured that you did not forget to take the other pair of socks or the memory card for your camera so that you can take amazing pictures during your travels!

Taking a weekend trip can be affordable and advisable especially if you had a hard week at work! Weekend trips mean packing in haste and if you follow the above-mentioned tips, completing the chore will be an island breeze!

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