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Learn English History, Art and Culture with School Trips to Great Britain and Ireland

The United Kingdom has many faces: majestic mountains, pulsating city life, old-fashioned customs, picturesque landscapes, and pristine beaches. It consists in Northern Ireland and Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, and England). England is the most populous of these, with London acting as its beating heart.

London, the heart of Great-Britain

London is multicultural, vibrant, and noisy, some of the factors which help it act as the megalopolis of energy, ideas, and people. In addition to being the capital city of England, it is the biggest city in Western Europe, and also one of the most favoured tourist destinations across the globe.

Over the years, the city has remained a global capital of trade, culture, politics, finance, and fashion. Students should not miss out on a chance to visit Stratford-upon-Avon during their school trips to Great Britain and Ireland. It is a historic town that also serves as the hometown of the world-renowned English poet and playwright—William Shakespeare.

Stratford-upon-Avon has grown to become a major tourist and theatre-going destination. It is one of the most preferred travel destinations all over England. Other popular destinations include Oxford, Bath, Cambridge, and Stonehenge. All these are close to London.

Reasons to Visit Great Britain and Ireland

1. Experience UK & Irish Culture

The school trips to England and Ireland will present the learners with a unique opportunity to experience these two cultures. Although very similar, it is worth pointing out that they are in fact two distinct cultures. The school trip will present an opportunity of a lifetime for the learners to get the full English experience.

2. Rich in World History

There are a ton of exciting events and history for the students to learn. This is their chance to learn everything about the Roman and Celtic centuries, how Christianity was spread, and how the English empire came to be what it is today. What better way for them to learn all this than by seeing historical artefacts during the trip?

3. Unique Monuments and Landmarks

Students will get to see renowned historical towns in England such as the Tower of London, Stonehenge, the Buckingham Palace, or even visit the Old Library located in Ireland. The Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is also located in Ireland. The good thing about this trip is that whichever way the students turn, they will get to see all kinds of monuments and unique landmarks.

4. Breath-taking Museums and Exhibits

The British Museum currently holds more than two million years of world Civilisation history. It makes for an ideal learning experience, especially for students interested in World History.

If history and art are some of the subjects in your education curriculum, then England and Ireland will be great choices for your next student trip.

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