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Portugal Travel Guide For First Timers

Portugal is an ideal location to holiday in, especially if you are a first-timer. The excellent sandy beaches, incredible weather, and rugged coastline, is a combination that is hard to come across. Its glistening coastline gets bathed in the fresh waters of the Gulf Stream while the interior landscape of mountains and hills and those architecturally-stunning cities keep one completely engrossed for days. Explore the nature and culture of Portugal, which is indeed a real, natural wonder. Enjoy a fine selection of wine and a great variety of food. There is a vibrancy to life that is not to be found anywhere else. Everyone is happy, the weather is amazing, and it is hard not to enjoy this much-underrated country. And, fewer crowds’ means that you get to enjoy a better holiday plus a more local experience.

Best Time to Go
One can visit Portugal all year round, but one can break down the tourist seasons into low which is from Dec-Mar and high which is from Jul & Aug. All attractions are open during July and August when the ocean temperatures are warmer. There are fewer crowds during December to March when the days are rainier and shorter. If you are not a fan of negotiating prices in a foreign country, the best idea is to choose an online transfer booking service in Portugal provided by Kiwitaxi. Using Kiwitaxi transfer in Portugal, you will get all the information in advance: price, distance, time of journey, car class and availability of child seats.

The visa, currency, and language
As Portugal is a member of the European Union, EU nationals do not need a Visa to enter. Visitors from certain countries such as USA, New Zealand and Canada can enjoy 90 days Visa-free travel within Portugal. However, citizens of some other countries need to apply for a Schengen Visa beforehand. Portuguese is the official language, but English is often spoken in most cities. The currency is euro or EUR. Portugal can be inexpensive and what will cause a dent in your holiday budget is transport and lodging while food is cheap. Expect to spend around $40-50 per day.

What to do and see in Portugal
There is plenty to explore in Portugal that is teeming with culture and packed with sights.

  • Explore Lisbon which happens to be the best-value Western European capital city. There are beautiful streets, great shops, vibrant nightlife and excellent food.
  • Batalha is a World Heritage Monument and the magnificent Gothic Church is truly a sight to behold. Spend some time walking around and within the impressive interiors with 16th-century stained-glass windows.
  • Drink the world famous port wine Port in Porto. Apart from boozing, visit the beautiful and historic waterfront and head towards the stunning River Villa de Gaia.
  • Stroll the Abbey of Santa Maria which has a lot to offer to every traveler. Wander around to learn about history and look at the stunning church with dormitories, monastery, and cloisters.
  • Enjoy the traditional Portuguese folk music and the Fado Performance that is sure to move you. You could opt for the more upbeat Coimbra style or the mournful Lisbon style.
  • Portugal is famous for its stunning beaches, and the Southern Algarve region boasts of some of the best beaches along its coastline such as Sagres, the Praia da Adraga, and Aveiro. Relax, swim or sunbathe, and you can have it all in Portugal.

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