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Published on June 25th, 2019 | by admin


Summer Vacation Trips for People on a Budget

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There are an endless amount of cheap destinations travelers can go to this summer. However, not everyone lives in the same region, not to mention can afford the same trips.

With that in mind, we came up with five summer vacation ideas for people on a budget, starting with hitting the open road…

Road trip

A road trip can certainly cost a lot of money depending on gas prices and your vehicle as well as where you stop, how long your trip is, the prices of hotels, and other factors.

The best part about a road trip, though, is that you can plan out every last detail, such as where you will stop and stay, and it can last as long or short as you would like it to. You can also stop whenever you want if you see a destination or attraction that catches your eye.

In a day and age in which phones and technology take up a big part of our lives, unplugging is essential to mental health. Going on a road trip can help you disconnect from the world while venturing to new places.

Pick a destination that’s not far away

While we all dream of going to Rome, Italy, Paris, and New York, every place is flooding with uniqueness and its own beauty … and not all plane tickets are overpriced.

That’s why we suggest choosing a destination that’s nearby, whether it be a short car ride or cheap plane ticket away.

More likely than not, there are plenty of affordable places that are near you.

Act like a tourist

Not everyone can afford a plane ticket, especially if it’s last minute. Luckily, a great summer vacation idea is to be a local tourist in your city.

When visiting a different place, many people go to tourist attractions and destinations. As a local tourist, you will do the same thing, just in your city.

How many times have you been to nearby tourist attractions, whether it be a museum, monument, national park, or whatever it might be?

The best part about this type of vacation is that you can expand it into a weekend occurence in which you tackle a new destination every week.

Enjoy an all-inclusive cruise

A cruise can cost a lot of money depending on the cruise line, how long you’re traveling for, if you need to book a plane ticket, and other factors.

However, if you have a site for shore eyes, then a cruise provides the perfect opportunity to relieve that itch since you make stops in which you’re allowed to get off the ship and explore, as well as enjoy the beach.

What’s really beneficial about a cruise is that there are many entertainment options on the ship, such as a comedy show or art auction. The food is also all-inclusive. You don’t have to worry about paying for food on the ship or waste time trying to figure out where to eat.

Of course, cruises provide other options, such as specialty restaurants that do charge a fee and excursions once you’re on land.

Take a one-day trip

Not all vacations have to last a week or longer.

Summer vacations are allowed to last a day or weekend.

An idea for a one-day trip could be going on museum tours all the way to spending the day in the mountains or outside at the park. Surely, a one-day trip of this nature can fit into most people’s budget yet still allow people to take some time off and enjoy the moment.

No matter where you travel this summer, don’t forget to bring your prescription sunglasses. After all, the sun’s rays can be just as bad for our eyes as they are our skin.

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