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The Best Countries Africa Has To Offer

Despite the many decades of hardships that most of Africa has suffered, it continues to be a beautiful and vibrant continent packed with people of incredible traditions. Africa remains one of the best destinations for anyone with a taste for adventure, making it possible to explore the gorgeous coast towns before heading inland to see the famous savannahs.

Not every country on the continent in safe for foreign visitors, however, so here are a selection of African countries that should be a musts-see for any adventurer.

1. Kenya

Kenya is one of the most stable African countries around and makes a perfect destination for both solo travellers and the whole family. They have some of the most beautiful hikes and coral reef diving in the world, and it’s the home of Swahili, the main language in Kenya. For those wanting to learn more about the country’s long and fascinating heritage, visiting the Gede Ruins is a great way to spend a day.

2. Lesotho

Lesotho is one of the few countries in the world that are completely landlocked on every side. And despite corruption and poverty, the people of Lesotho are renown for being friendly and welcoming. Lesotho is the ultimate destination for those that want to get away from the cities, and it’s an easy country to get into thanks to its proximity with South Africa. Lesotho also boasts plenty of beautiful national parks that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Botswana

To the north-west of South Africa, Botswana is a small but beautiful country with some of the best safaris in the world. Home to the internationally famous Okavango Delta, Botswana is home to a massive plethora of wildlife. Botswana is also the native home of the San people, some of the most ancient peoples on earth. Their cave paintings can be found across the country, and can even visit the villages of the people to see how they lived and continue to live to this day.

4. Morocco

Found right at the top of Africa, Morocco is quite different to many of the other destinations on the continent. With a strong Arabian influence, Morocco is a busy country that has fiercely held on to many of its traditions. Millions of tourists visit Morocco everywhere, where locals can offer a variety of delicious street foods, along with large night markets that are worth seeing at least once. There are some truly unique hotels and backpackers, perfect for a quiet evening enjoying some Moroccan tea, checking up on emails, and enjoying the best online NZ casino sites. And after a good night’s sleep, there are plenty of tours throughout the country that can offer an insight into Moroccan history and culture.

5. South Africa

Still the biggest tourist destination on the continent, South Africa is the financial and tourist powerhouse of Africa, offering everything from 5-star luxury hotel stays to the famous Kruger National Park. South Africa is a large country with endless amounts of things to keep travellers busy, and depending on where you are in the country, you could have access to a wide range of culinary delights.


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