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Top Five Places To Visit When Traveling To Mysore, India

Mysore, one of the most culturally enriched and historical cities of India, is a gorgeous city which you must visit when you travel to the southern part of this beautiful country. Dubbed the ‘cleanest city in India’ and being full of a ton of attractions and places to visit, Mysore is truly a must-visit city of South Idia, no matter how tight your schedule is. There are a ton of hotels in Mysore where you can have one of the most comfortable stays while you travel through India. If you are planning your trip to Mysore in the recent future, here are five places in and around Mysore which you cannot afford to miss.

1. Mysore Palace

One of the most famous and picturesque destinations of Mysore is the giant Mysore Palace. The palace used to be the residence of the rulers from the Wodeyar dynasty, who ruled over the city for nearly seven centuries. Being one of the largest palaces in India, this huge architectural marvel attracts nearly 3 million people every year. The architecture is Indo-Saracenic, which blends Mughal Rajput, Hindu and Gothic style of construction together. There are a number of pavilions, huge halls and numerous shrines for you to check out while you are here.

2. Karanji Lake

If you are a lover of nature, then Karanji Lake is the place in Mysore where you have to be. It is the largest lake in the whole state of Karnataka, spread over an area of over 90 acres. Located at the base of the beautiful Chamundi hills, this lake is one of the most picturesque places that you can visit while you are in Mysore. The lake is home to the largest walk-through aviary of India, where you can observe over 70 different species of birds. The lake also attracts a ton of migratory birds which attracts many nature lovers and bird watchers.

3. Chamundeshwari Temple

Although it is located 13 kilometres away from Mysore, Chamundi Hills is the true identifier of Mysore. The hills are famous for the Chamundeshwari temple which is located here. The temple is built during the 11th century, and now it has been renovated and converted into a tourist spot. One has to climb up a flight of 1000 stairs in order to reach the temple. You can also enjoy some incredible vistas of the Chamundi Hills from the temple grounds.

4. Nandi Temple

On the way to the Chamundeshwari temple, you will find another temple named the Nandi temple. It is especially known for a five metres tall idol of a bull statue which is said to be carved from a single stone.

5. St. Philomena Church

Being one of the largest cathedrals one can visit in Southeast Asia, St. Philomena Church is another great place to experience the various cultures you can find in India. The architecture is simply breathtaking and the stained glass paintings that you can see here will surely blow you away.

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