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Train Travel in Europe: Useful tips and tricks

One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to travel throughout Europe is to travel by train. Especially as Europe’s comfortable, high-speed trains connect most of Europe’s major cities. If you’re interested in finding out more information about navigating Europe using Europe’s vast network of train routes, simply continue reading to discover a few handy tips and tricks before booking with Trainline.

Train Travel in Europe: Useful tips and tricks

1. Purchase your tickets online in order to choose your own seats

One of the key benefits of choosing to purchase your tickets online is that you’ll be able to reserve specific seats in advance. If you choose to buy your train tickets online, make sure to print out your tickets in advance as many trains in Europe only accept printed tickets.

2. Consider traveling at night on a sleeper train

When it comes to booking long train journeys its a great idea to book tickets on overnight trains which offer sleeper carriages, which will allow you to lie flat and experience a great night’s sleep, while you travel from point a to point b.

3. Consider purchasing first class tickets

Contrary to popular belief, the price difference between first-class train tickets and second-class train tickets is much lower than most people expect and first-class train tickets are much more affordable than first class or business class plane tickets.

While it may not be worth purchasing first-class tickets for a short train trip, if your trip lasts longer than 4 hours, it may be well worth upgrading your train ticket for a first-class train ticket.

4. Carry your smartphone charger with you

Instead of packing your smartphone charger in your suitcase or backpack, it’s a wise move to keep your smartphone charger in your day pack or handbag as most train carriages in Europe offer charging outlets in each carriage. So you’ll be able to charge your smartphone as well as your other electronic devices such as your tablet or laptop during your train journeys.

5. Check to see if your train offers free Wi-Fi

You may be surprised to discover that some trains in Europe boast free Wi-Fi. So you’ll be able to keep in contact with your friends and family members while you’re traveling through Europe.

6. Check whether you need to validate your train ticket before you board your train

Some trains require you to validate your train ticket before you board your train by placing your ticket in a validation machine on your train’s platform. In most cases, if you fail to validate your ticket properly, your train inspector may choose to issue you with a hefty fine, so it’s definitely worth figuring out if you have to prevalidate your ticket before you climb onto your first European train.

7. Consider whether you’re better off purchasing individual train tickets or purchasing a Eurail Pass

Depending on your travel itinerary and whether you have a pre-scheduled route around Europe or not, you may be better off purchasing a Eurail Pass or individual train tickets.

So if you’re keen to travel through Europe using Europe’s high speed, comfortable and efficient trains, make sure to keep all of the 7 tips above in mind.

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