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Travel Tips 2018

If you are a new traveller or an old hand at getting around the world, you can always learn some handy tips and tricks to make travelling easier. From flight checks to luggage checks, we will give you some great travel hacks to make your next trip a little bit easier.

So get planning your next trip, spend that money you won playing real money slots and travel the world.

Top tips for Flights:

  • Search sites like Skyscanner for the best flight dates and offers available, and then go the actual airlines website to check out the available deals.
  • Search for flights in incognito mode, this ensures that your searches are not tracked and prices fixed.
  • Search for indirect flights to your destination, sometime spending a bit of extra time travelling can save you quite a bundle.
  • Or visit more than one country, if you are going to spend a load of money on a flight, try visit and see more.
  • Never say no to being bumped off a flight, being put on standby can have perks like meals and vouchers for additional flights.
  • Dress for success, if you dress more smart than casual you could be bumped up to first class.

Top tips for packing:

  • Roll your clothes, this not only save space but cuts back on wrinkles too. Rolling your clothes into a tube is one of the simplest travel hacks, and is also one of my favourites.
  • For shorter trips only pack your clothes in a carryon suitcase. This will save you time and extra baggage charges.
  • Pack a packet, use a shopping bag to keep your dirty clothes separate, there is no need to buy expensive separators, just use a simple grocery store bag or two.
  • Do not pack toiletries, yes maybe you have sensitive teeth and only like Sensodyne, but in general most countries have the same or similar brands to what you are used to. So skip the extra baggage and buy when you arrive (or use hotel freebies).
  • Or if you must pack your own, decant your items into smaller containers, as you do not need an entire bottle of foundation on your trip.

Top general tips for travelling:

  • Charge your cell using your hotel TV, no need for fancy conversion plugs, plug your USB cable into the back of your TV. Also charge whenever you can, airports, hotels always charge your phone, especially if you are using it as your camera. Or keep a portable charger on hand and charged to keep your gadgets alive.
  • Carry a collapsible water bottle and never pay for water anywhere again.
  • Download programs from Netflix so if your planes onboard entertainment is lacking you can still keep yourself occupied.
  • Scan all your documents and keep them in the Cloud, if you happen to misplace your passport you can always get a copy before heading to the embassy.
  • And while we talking about clouds, ensure your pictures are saved to the cloud automatically, phones end up at the bottom of the ocean quite often.

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