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Traveling Cheap in London, UK

It’s a broadly known fact that not just London, but the entire United Kingdom can get rather expensive, especially for those of us who must travel on a budget if they don’t want to go broke. However, London stands out for being a crazy expensive city that thrives on insane costs and tolls.

Most people who want to travel good but on a budget might drop the idea of visiting London, and the way the city is advertised confirms that belief further. However, like a wise person once said “anything is possible”, and that is arguably very true. Traveling cheap in London may be difficult, but not impossible.

Special Promotions Are Your Best Friend

It goes without saying that special promotions truly are your best friend when traveling. Keep a lookout for special promotions because you never know when an airline decides to sell you a ticket for a cheaper price, or when that hotel you’ve been eyeing brings out a deal for tourists. There are plenty of surveys that will give you free miles as a reward – and yes, these can be used to travel.

The Free Attractions!

There are a number of places that are free to visit within London. If you educate yourself on sites that can be visited for free, you’ll get to explore around the city without having to worry about running out of money.

National Gallery

The National Gallery in London is twice as gorgeous from the inside as it is from the outside. Not only is the historical site free for all to visit, it is also home to approximately 2300 paintings that date back to the mid 13th Century. The art museum was founded in 1824, and is one of the most visited museums in the whole world.

Hyde Park

One of the most beautiful and sought after attractions in the UK, Hyde Park is free for all to visit. The gorgeous park was established in 1536 by Henry VIII himself, so it has a lot of historical value. Hyde Park is also one of the four Royal Parks, and is notably the largest of them all.

There are many other free attractions in London including Kensington Gardens, Natural History Museum, Museum of London, British Library, to name a few. You’ll be able to tour around London without ever having to spend a penny.

London Pass

Even though there are a lot of places that you can visit in London, the best of them are still costly. The London Pass is extremely helpful for tourists, and is rather affordable too at 54 GBP or 87 GBP, depending on how long your trip is. This tourist card covers more than 32 destinations along with free transportation. You’ll be able to save up so much.

Eat Out but Cook Too

What is the point of traveling to a different culture if you don’t get the chance to taste their unique cuisine? For this reason, it is important that you have at least two to three good meals at extravagant restaurants during your stay in London, and the rest of the time, consider cooking to save additional costs. Remember, there is a huge difference between cheap travel and horrible travel.


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