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Why you need to travel to Dublin (Ireland)

If visiting the emerald isle is on your bucket list, continue reading to discover why your trip to Ireland would be complete without spending a bit of time renting a car in Dublin in order to explore the jewel of the emerald isle.

Why you need to travel to Dublin (Ireland):

1. You’ll be able to visit the Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse offers guests the opportunity to tour an authentic Guinness brewery and to see how Guinness beer is produced. As a bonus at the end of your tour, you’ll be able to enjoy a cold pint of Guinness at the complex’s rooftop bar, which offers phenomenal views of Dublin.

2. You can listen to live folk music at Dublin’s famous Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is located in a bustling riverside neighborhood and frequently hosts live folk bands. So if you want to hear some of Ireland’s best folk singers perform, you’ll love enjoying a few beers and a meal at Dublin’s famous Temple Bar.

3. Dublin boasts countless historic buildings that you can explore

If you have an interest in history, you’ll be astounded by all of the historic buildings which you can explore on a trip to Dublin. As examples, it’s worth visiting the Christ Church Cathedral, which happens to be the oldest building in Dublin as it was originally constructed in 1030 AD. One feature that makes Christ Church Cathedral worth visiting is that it houses a historic crypt.

Alternatively, if you find touring old prisons fascinating, you’ll be able to book a tour of the Kilmain Goal. Where you’ll get to listen to your tour guide’s stories about some of the inmates you were incarcerated and executed in the grounds of the historic Kilmain Goal.

4. You’ll be able to tour a historic castle

It would be a shame to visit Ireland, without exploring a historic castle! Dublin Castle was first constructed around 1204 after a decree from King John of England. However, the majority of the castle has since been rebuilt.

Over the course of its history, Dublin Castle has served as the official residence for the Lord Leutinenat of Ireland and has been used to host court sessions and parliamentary proceedings. The castle was also used to safeguard the crown jewels at one point in time.

The oldest part of Dublin Castle’s grounds, which is well worth exploring is the Record Tower which was part of the original medieval castle.

5. You’ll be able to visit the oldest library in Ireland

If you enjoy spending time in historic libraries, make sure to take a look around the world famous Trinity College Library. Some of the priceless documents which are held in the Trinity College Library include the Book of Kells, which is a manuscript which contains all four new testament books of the bible and is well over 1,000 years old.

6. Dublin also offers a stunning landscape

Located within Dublin are the Wicklow Mountains, which are highly regarded for their scenic hikes and wildflowers. If you’ve watched the romantic comedy “PS I Love You”, you may have noticed that the hiking scene was filmed in the gorgeous Wicklow Mountains.

So if you’re set on planning a whirlwind trip of the emerald isle, make sure to spend at least a couple of days in Dublin. The jewel of the emerald isle.

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