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Wild Animals You Can Look Forward to Seeing on Safari

In a place where the sun scorches the golden grasslands, one can explore this vast expanse on a safari to see the majestic fauna that inhabits the area. Tourists from all over the world flock to African in the hopes of seeing the beauty of this wildlife in person. People can choose to trek through the grasslands on foot, but most opt to ride in an enclosed jeep to protect themselves from both the heat and the wildlife. If you are into exploring on a safari and indulging in adventures that involve the wonders of nature, learn more and get ready to be awed.

A brief view of the Majestic Herbivores and Carnivores

The Herbivores

With a mixture of both predators and prey, the African landscape is home to magnificent creatures; they struggle in their everyday lives either preparing to hunt or avoiding being hunted. The gentle herbivores, or the animals with an appetite for plants, graze the fields. Usually, these animals travel in herd in order to protect themselves from the fierce and agile carnivores. One can see the zebras with their uniquely striped black and white coats. The thundering hooves of the gargantuan elephants can be heard from afar; their swinging trunks, and sharp ivory tusks are easily seen even from a distance. The towering, statuesque giraffes with their slender long necks and odd, yet beautiful, patterned coats. Now, watching the lithe and graceful gazelles leap may be the most memorable experience one might see. With its intimidating appearance, one might mistake the rhinoceros as a carnivore. However, their sharp ivory horns are used for protection from those who pose a threat to their lives. These gentle giants feed on the grass, but they won’t hesitate to charge their horns on their attackers.

The Carnivores

As for the carnivores, the common feature they all share is either having sharp claws or razor sharp teeth. Most of the majestic carnivores are the so-called big cats. These include the big orange and black striped tigers, with their glowing amber eyes and ferocious roars. The record-breaking fastest land mammal in the world can also be found here — these are Cheetahs. According to National Geographic, these animals can run up to 121 kilometers per hour; now that’s almost two-thirds the speed of regular cars you can see on the road. Last but not the least, the animal that is considered the king of the jungle, the lions. Only the males have the large golden mane, but they belong to a pride, a collective term for a group of lions. The female does the job of hunting for their prey, but the male lion leads the pride.

It is true that witnessing a carnivore devouring a helpless herbivore is quite unsettling to the eyes, but that is how the animal world runs. They need to hunt in order to survive. These animals can be seen in zoos located in different parts of the world, but people would like to see them in their natural habitat, roaming freely and living out their lives in the wild. In the wild, these animals differ in shapes and sizes, but they all share one similarity, they are all majestic in their own wild way. And if you have the urge to witness them up close, you should listen to your wanderlust and start planning your safari adventure today.

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