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Would You Travel the World if You Won the Lottery?

If you won the lottery, would you take time off to travel the world? It would be the first step towards the adventure of a lifetime. Now comes the tricky part: with the whole world to choose from, the question is where to go? Not to mention when to go, how long to travel for, how much to budget for, what to pack, which songs to download onto your iPod… the list goes on and on until the whole thing can start to feel a bit overwhelming. However, planning your round the world trip of a lifetime should all be part of the fun.

How to Plan around the World trip – here are a few tips to help you to plan effectively and get the very most out of your trip:


Take the time to do some research. There’s no shortage of information out there on round the world travel: travel magazines, specialist websites, books, blogs and travel forums are all excellent sources of information.


It’s always best to start with your ideal wish list of places to visit. Write down all the places you’d like to visit and prioritize them into ‘must see’ places and those that ‘would be nice.’ You may well find that to get around the world ticket within your budget you’ll need to compromise on some locations, but always start with your ideal trip. Next, with the aid of a world atlas, arrange the destinations in a logical geographical order.

When to go

Decide on when you would ideally like to depart and how long you’d like to be away for (round the world tickets are valid for up to a year). The cheapest time of year to depart is mid-April to mid-June and the most expensive is mid-December to mid-January and July to mid-August.

How much

Prices for round the world tickets can vary dramatically depending on your route and when you depart. The most basic round the world fares start from around 1000GBP but can cost anything upwards of 5000GBP. You can spend years saving up, or play the online lotteries at Multilotto and hope for the best.

Today, travel club memberships have become much more affordable, accessible and offer a broad range of benefits that just cannot be beaten. There are many different travel clubs to choose from, each offering their great benefits for their members to take advantage.

Travel clubs are now available for families traveling on any budget. Discounted Vacation Club Prices One of the greatest advantages of joining a boundless get-away club is the low membership cost. Contingent upon the club and the enrollment level that you opt to join, you can make use of discounts ranging anywhere from 50% to 80% off regular retail room rates that an ordinary traveler would pay.

When you opt to become a member of a vacation club, no matter what level you choose from, all members will receive the same great discounts on their hotel and resort rooms. Traveling has truly never been more affordable than it is now. The Vacation Club Difference, you may be wondering what sets travel clubs such as Travellers Elite apart from timeshares. The biggest difference of all is the price.

Vacation club members have the ability to travel to all different locations that are affiliated with your specific club with ease. This could be thousands of unique resorts located all over the world.

This is the ideal option for the avid traveler who is looking to save on their travel expenses. When you choose to book a vacation through your unlimited vacation club, you will be paying per room, per each week of your stay. This is much different from regularly paying per night for a hotel stay which can add up to be quite expensive in the long run.

There are even a wide variety of resort types to choose from that may be affiliated with your club. This includes luxury resorts, cruises, and hotels. Becoming a member of any unlimited tour vacation club also enables you to travel during any time of the year. Pre-book your stays in advance to secure travel arrangements during the busier seasons and the holidays.

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