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10 Essential Packing Tips for Travelling Solo

Packing can be tricky, especially when you are travelling internationally. Check out these tips on how to pack most efficiently as a solo woman traveller!

When you’re travelling the world, it’s no secret that you really do need to travel light. However, between make-up, shoes, clothing changes and other travel essentials, we all know the challenges of getting your bag to within the maximum weight limit before you get stopped at the airport!

Luckily, learning how to pack efficiently and travel light is as easy as can be, especially with the handy tips we’ve listed below. Read on and you’ll never have to worry about hauling around too much luggage again…

#1: Learn How to Layer

The key to effective travel packing is choosing your outfits wisely. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes while you’re on the go, so consider taking your comfiest garments along instead of those tight jeans and pinchy shoes.

Opt for soft cotton shirts, sweatpants, and skirts and shorts that can be dressed both up and down. It’s also a good idea to choose garments that you can layer (like wraps and cardigans) so that you are prepared for all kinds of weather. Multi-purpose clothes like zippable pants/shorts combos are also awesome for travelling purposes!

#2: Take a Backpack as Carry-On

By taking a backpack as carry-on luggage alongside your handbag, you can pack plenty more necessary items without them being counted during luggage weighing.

Simply pop it into your overhead compartment like regular carry-on luggage and you will avoid weight problems with your airline, even if they are particularly strict.

#3: Pack Waterproof Bags

Whether you opt for plastic bags or any other waterproof bags you like, it’s always good to have these on hand during your travels.

You can wrap your toiletries in them to avoid accidental spills ruining the contents of your bag, and wrap wine and other duty-free goods in them to protect them while you are on the move.

#4: Take a Change of Clothes in Carry-On

Nobody wants to think about their luggage getting lost, but it definitely can happen – and if you have been travelling for 24 hours or more, having fresh clothes will certainly help to keep you sane in the interim.

A change of shirt and some fresh socks and underwear should be more than enough.

#5: Go Light on the Shoes

Shoes are quite heavy and take up loads of space in your luggage, so it helps to be selective when packing them.

Many travel or cruise experts advocate a 3-pair rule; namely, some flip flops, a pair of flats, and some closed shoes or sneakers for hiking and long walks. If you must take your heavier shoes (like boots) wear them on the plane to save space and reduce your luggage weight.

#6: Forget the Non-Essentials

Hairdryers, bathrobes, and even towels are generally provided by most hotels and backpackers, so chances are you will be just fine if you leave them at home.

If they are not in your room on arrival, you can almost always request to borrow them too.

#7: Hide Money in Your Bags

It’s an unfortunate reality, but some travellers have been pick-pocketed or mugged during their adventures.

A good way to prepare for such an occurrence is to stash some money away in your suitcase or bag for emergencies. Keeping cash on your bankcard will also help you to keep your money safe – even if you mainly need it for sports betting in Argentina (Or apuestas deportivas Argentina as its known locally!).

#8: Invest in a Portable Charger

In the age of technology, we are always needing to charge things, be they smartphones, tablets, power banks or other handy gadgets.

Investing in a portable USB charger will prove to be a lifesaver for you if you rely on your tech while you travel.

#9: Pack a Blanket-sized Scarf

No matter the season, a big blanket-sized scarf can be used for a myriad of purposes. You can wrap yourself in it on cold days or use it as a sarong or beach towel for your ocean trips.

It even works as a pillow for long flights!

#10: Leave Fancy Outfits at Home

One-time outfits for special events take up more space in your bags than they are worth. If you do pack a pretty dress or suit, be sure that you will be able to wear them more than once.

Otherwise, leave them in your closet and opt for something more practical that can be worn multiple times.

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