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3 Awesome Games to Play Online While You Travel

Due to their dislike of long road trips, most people tend to shy away from adventures. Their view of long distance traveling as boring and tiresome makes them miss all the fun on the other side. Unbeknownst to many, there are ways you can make your road trips a lot more interesting or less boring. Do you find yourself sleeping in the car/bus/train during such trips? While it is true that staying in the car for long hours can be the most boring nightmare, online games can add spice to your traveling experience. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms are there to help you get through such times. Check out these 3 awesome games to play online while you travel to make your journey brighter and more exciting.

1. Online Casino Slots 
Why not make some money or earn some prizes while having fun instead of staying bored during a long trip, like playing on Online casino slots are a great way to stay jovial when traveling, especially if your road trip is specifically a long one. They are basically games played online, where you get to spin some reels and win some prize if a certain number of payout symbols match. While free online casino slots exist, most of them allow you to place a bet and spin for a win, whereas others give you a certain number of spins per day or per session based on your subscription to the casino site.

Online casino slots come in a multitude of configurations. Some popular types of online casino slot machines include 3 Reel Classics, Multi-Payline & Multi Reel, and Progressive Slots. It’s important to note that rules may vary from game to game. Also, payouts and features for similar games may vary from platform to platform so it’s up to you to look for an online slot machine casino with the best payouts, is easy to play, have easy rules to follow. If you get some big wins, you won’t have to worry about saving money to go travel!

2. Waze
Waze is more of a fun app than it is a road trip game. However, it is still a fun way to psyche up your travels. It is a traffic app installed on a smartphone and used by drivers to share traffic tips in real time. In addition to being a community-based kind of app, this helpful app also has social and game-like features that make it more fun to use as you share your stops, arrivals, and other traffic data with friends.

3. Clash of Clans 
If you’re fond of playing mobile games, higher chances are that you’ve heard of Clash of Clans. As a matter of fact, you may be a good fan of the game. It’s a game you install on your phone. You build your clan, build an army, create buildings, and take your troops to battle. It’s quite interesting since there are various challenges and prizes you win in the game. You can play single player mode or compete with other players online to make it more fun while traveling. Similar online fun games include VainGlory and World of Tanks Blitz.

With the above 3 awesome games to play online while you travel or at least one of them; your trip can be a lot more interesting. You might as well just start liking the long road trips you’ve been avoiding or freaking out from.

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