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Published on November 8th, 2017 | by admin


3 Tips for Choosing the Right Travel or Office Based Audio & Visual Needs

When you work on the road while traveling, you might be in need of some mounting solutions that you can move around with. You might be traveling locally in Canada or the United States for work. Or you could be abroad doing presentations to potential clients. When I have had to travel for work, I require a lot of equipment. Getting the right visual and audio materials is key.

Our technologically-driven society has given birth to a wide variety of audio and visual items, ranging from the standard television receivers and projectors to their high-definition plasma LCD counterparts. With the huge diversity of these products offered in the market today, it’s only fitting that they are accompanied by a suitable mounting solution. Finding a support for the AV equipment isn’t really an issue, and a brief search online will no doubt yield a great many results. Choosing the right one however requires just a little more thought and consideration, and can make all the difference in cost and convenience, especially if you’re traveling for business. Here are a few tips that should get you started.


  • Think ahead especially if you’re traveling 


Audio and video equipment is used to serve different purposes including but not limited to business, education and entertainment. Knowing exactly what you’ll be using the aforementioned equipment for can determine exactly what kind of mounting solution is appropriate. If the display or screen will see a lot of use or movement from one area to another, for example, a mobile trolley stand may be a more fitting option as opposed to its stationary counterparts. It often pays to think ahead as you’ll avoid not just a lot of headaches but any additional expenditure in future-proofing.


  • Measure twice and buy once


For those who are planning for either a ceiling or wall-mounted installation, getting the right dimensions and weight of the AV equipment is just as important as ensuring that the location can support it. While generally affordable and inexpensive, it can be an absolute pain to purchase the wrong mounting brackets. The time and money you would rather be spending on the installation will be used for a suitable replacement instead. It’s a hassle that being a little more meticulous can easily prevent.


  • Don’t limit your options


This practical approach to buying can sometimes be overlooked, but being patient and spending a good amount of time in research can save you a great deal of money. Certain models will have different variations that can be a lot more reasonable in price and this can be especially important for those of us who have a limited budget and can ill-afford to break the bank so to speak. Time invested in doing a bit of legwork now is a cost-effective way of shopping.

Since audio and visual equipment is often perceived as specialised, it is usually better to go for trusted brands like those from www.unicol.com as they have an extensive range of different mounting items and solutions that cater for a variety of purposes if you’re traveling or require something in your office space. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find exactly what you need and at the price that you’re comfortable with.

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