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Published on October 25th, 2021 | by admin


3 Tricks For Staying Cool While Traveling During The Hottest Parts Of The Year

For many travelers, going on trips during the summer will give you the best weather and allow you to take advantage of things like breaks in school and move flexibility with working hours. However, traveling to certain places in the summer will also mean that you’re going to be visiting an area when it’s at the hottest part of the year. And while this might be inconsequential for some areas, for others, it could be quite miserable if you’re not able to cool off.

So if you’re planning to travel somewhere hot this summer, here are three tricks for staying cool while traveling during the hottest parts of the year.

Plan Your Day Properly

If you know that you’re going to be in an area that’s very hot, you’re going to want to plan your day around this fact.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be out in the elements during the hottest parts of the day. And since the afternoon is going to be the hottest part of the day, since that’s when the sun is going to be the strongest, you’ll want to plan your travel days so that you’re doing indoor activities in the air conditioning or water activities during this time. If you’re wanting to walk around and explore the city or do outdoor adventures that don’t involve water, plan those for earlier in the morning or later in the evening so that you can keep your body cool and healthy.

Eat The Right Foods

The foods that you choose to eat while you’re traveling can also have a big impact on how hot or cool your body is able to stay.

If you eat foods that are inherently hot, like soups, you’re going to heat your body up, too. So to help yourself stay cool, try to avoid foods that are hot in and of themselves or foods that have a lot of salt and protein in them. Because it takes your body a lot of energy to digest foods that are salty or high in protein, the use of that energy will heat up your body. So if you can, try to eat a lot of cool, fresh foods.

Keep Your Neck Cool

One part of your body that you’ll want to focus on in order to stay cool when it’s hot outside is your neck. If you can keep your neck cool, you can help the rest of your body stay cool, too.

To keep your neck cool when you’re traveling around in the heat, bring a hand towel or bandana with you everywhere you go. Then, with a water bottle or other water, try your best to keep the towel or bandana wet so that the water will cool your skin and help keep your body from overheating.

If you’re going to be traveling during the hottest part of the year, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to keep yourself cool.


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