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Published on June 24th, 2020 | by admin


5 Quick Ways to Make This Year Your Best Summer Yet

The days of swimsuits, sunshine, and fresh air have finally arrived in true summer fashion. Don’t let the beauty of the season slip by without making the most of every minute. From day trips to new hobbies and everything in between, summer adventures are endless. Not sure how to take this season and enjoy it the fullest? Here are five quick ways to make this year your best summer yet.

1. Learn something new.

You’re never too old to learn something new. Take on a new hobby, try your hand at a new recipe, or challenge yourself with something unfamiliar. Always wanted to glide across a dance floor like Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire? Head to your computer, type in “dance studio in Beaverton, OR” or “ballroom lessons near me” to get started.

Find an online tutorial for a new hairstyle, makeup routine, or recipe. Plan a day around mastering the task, even if it takes a few tries. Every new journey has to start somewhere, why not here and now?

2. Feed your soul.

Are you a believer with surface-level faith? Do you know God merely as an all-knowing deity, or do you walk with him as a relational father? Take this season to dive deeper into your walk with Jesus and get to know Him as your savior.

Find a church to call home, a community in which to fellowship, and a family of brothers and sisters in Christ. Set up a time to meet, open your ESV Bibles, and study the word together. When you feed your soul, your mind and body can reap the benefits, too.

3. Make a bucket list.

At the start of the season, create a list of things you want to do before the first day of fall. Set up a corkboard or dry-erase board in your home where you can check off items as you go.

Gone are the days of lying comatose on the couch as the world passes by. Get outside, achieve some goals, and fill yourself with a sense of accomplishment. Is there anything more satisfying than checking off a box on a to-do list? I think not.

4. Go on a staycation.

A great summer vacation doesn’t have to drain your savings account. If lavish excursions don’t quite fit in the budget, research local bed & breakfasts or house rentals. A simple change in scenery can be exactly what you need to rest, recharge, and reset. Find a few nearby eateries that you’ve never visited, and try a different one each day.

Look up nearby hidden gems to hike, walk, or lie in the sun with a good book. Grab a friend and explore new parks, hiking trails, or landmarks. The excitement of unexplored areas is a great catalyst for renewed energy.

5. It’s all about balance, balance, balance.

You shouldn’t waste away your summer on the couch, but it’s okay to have uneventful days, too. Keep a balance of rest and activity to maintain a healthy body. Make sure you schedule a day or two each week to rest and recuperate. A spa day at home with face masks, hair washing, and a hot shower can be soothing to mind and body. Take time to pamper yourself and allow your body to recharge.

When you feel well-rested and replenished, get back out there, and tackle your next adventure. If you’re spending copious amounts of time in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen and partake in a skincare regiment. Drink plenty of water, especially on outdoor days with high physical exercise. When you properly balance rest and activity, you’re sure to experience your best summer yet.

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