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A Short Guide To Travel By Train in Europe

I have traveled around Europe with almost every possible means of transportation, trains, buses, low-cost airlines, ferries, etc. My favorite is and will continue to be a train. The first time I traveled in Europe by train was in 2011, I spent a year in Madrid traveling as much as possible to countries and continents, and to this day, every time I return, I prefer to use the train before other means of transportation.

This allows me to travel several times from Spain to Turkey using the Eurail pass and this article is a compilation of my experience. For your info, you can use your PayPal account to buy the pass online, as same as if you use the account to play on a PayPal casino.

What is the train pass to travel in Europe?

The train pass card for crossing Europe, Eurail or Interrail, is a pass that allows you to travel on an UNLIMITED train using the national railroad network of the country or country that you have purchased for the time you choose; so you can travel freely and explore one or more countries as you see fit.

Ordinary train tickets are purchased from one destination to another; there is no specific destination here, only the coverage area.

Imagine that it’s like fitting public transportation in a city where you can use all the transportation (metro, bus, tram … etc) you want in the city for one, two, three or several days. The same thing happens here but to travel by train between countries or in one country.

When a pass train refers to unlimited train travel, it really refers to the unlimited, as long as it’s still in the characteristics you buy. If you decide to use 10 trains a day or travel from Portugal to Turkey by train, for example, you can do it.

How does the Eurail train work?

In a simple way, your Eurail train ticket will actually be your train ticket, you can just take the train you want to use and show it when they ask for it. This pass gives you the possibility of unlimited travel by train in Europe, which is up and down the train you want, but with certain limits and you have to choose the one that best suits you depending on the time of travel and the country that you think you are visiting

You can choose the one that covers the country or global pass, which covers all participating train lines. If you do not have a specified itinerary or you think you are traveling from one country to another, Global Pass is the most suitable for you. It is worth mentioning that the Eurostar train has a ticket fee for Eurail ticket users, so I suggest if you plan to use it, order first. When I buy a Eurail ticket for the first time he comes with a small flyer on a train schedule, this pamphlet is only considered the main route and not all trains, so if you accept it, don’t think that this is the only train that covers you Eurail pass.

Hopefully my experience can be useful for those of you who want to take a tour to European countries.

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