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Creative Ways to Save Money While Traveling

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No matter how excited you are to enjoy a new destination, it can be difficult to have fun on a trip if you’re worrying about money. It probably took some financial planning to make taking a vacation possible, right? Just the same, it often remains a necessity to stay wise with your finances throughout the trip as well. But, never fear-master a few wise spending (or non-spending) habits, and you’ll have more flexibility to play with your money later.

Here are several ways to cut down on unnecessary spending, so you can fully enjoy your travels.

One of the biggest sources of spending money is food. So it stands without reason that planning your meals ahead of time will save you a pretty penny. Meal prep does take some time and effort, but due to its cost efficiency and greater nutritional value, it’s a habit well worth developing, whether you’re travelling or not. Mind you, we’re not suggesting you forego enjoying food, especially if you’re in a new city or country in which enjoying the cuisine is a big part of immersing yourself. But if you prepare two of your three meals each day, you can enjoy that nice dinner or fancy brunch, guilt-free. Remember to bring a purse or backpack that you can carry leftovers in, keep a reusable water bottle handy, hang onto extra plasticware or food containers to reuse at home, and arrange nutritious snacks and recipes that will keep for a longer time.

Look into discounts offered in your destination. Many countries offer student discounts to public transportation and other random goodies. In the States, veterans and active duty military are often offered a military discount, usually between 10% and 20%. Check out your area’s happy hour options. Sometimes clubs and bars offer ladies night, where drinks are half off, or covers are waived. Poking around in a few internet searches can get you a long way.

In some cases, the way you use public transportation can make or break your budget on a trip. Again, plan ahead, and see what your options are. Save money on cabs and Ubers, and use the bus, metro, or train. Cabs are helpful if you’re lost, it’s late at night, or you’re otherwise in a pinch, so use as necessary; but note that using them every day will add up very quickly. You may consider a day pass for a metro or bus system, if you have several sights you’re planning to visit, when a single one-way pass won’t cut it. Europe’s eurail system has a variety of options to suit many different trip lengths and routes. For a trip that’s only a few weeks, a eurail pass may not be worth it, but if you’re travelling for a few months, it may be a worthy investment.

Check your credit card offers. Shop around for one that suits your lifestyle. Some earn you double or triple points for specific spending categories, like flights, restaurants, groceries, or gas. Others offer incentives at specific businesses, like Lyft or Sephora. Newer credit card offers now include even sweeter benefits for travelers. With the Southwest Credit Card, for instance, travelers can earn the coveted Companion Pass, meaning an accompanying companion flies free, after they spend a certain minimum. Finally, look into credit cards that offer travel or rental car insurance, so you don’t end up wasting money by paying extra.

Doing your own nails–made far more popular since the pandemic’s forced us to stay at home–saves time and money, and is totally possible! If you prefer to paint them yourself, choose a chip-resistant nail polish. If smudging not-quite-dry-yet nails drives you crazy (as it does for me), give press-on nails a try. Think of it as a “fake” gel manicure. They last quite longer if done correctly, and they’re easy to glue back on if they pop off. (Press-ons come in glue-on or sticker form, and which is better depends on personal preference.)

There are products available to color your own hair at home. With hair color jobs ranging from $60 to $150 or higher, depending on the location and the length of your hair, the DIY route might be the choice for you. If you’re confident in your abilities, or have done plenty of reading and tutorial watching ahead of time, then a hair dye shampoo may be a favorable alternative. You could spend a day relaxing in your hotel room, pamper yourself by giving yourself a fresh new hair color, and be ready to hit the town rocking a brand new ‘do.

The bottom line is that planning ahead, doing some research, and exploring your options will help carry every dollar very far. Do the planning now, and reap the benefits later!

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