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Everything You Should Know About Glamping: How You Can Enjoy a Complete Glamping Holiday

Glamping has become the type of getaway favoured by more people who would like to be one with nature but don’t want to surrender their creature comforts, and with glamping, you can totally enjoy the benefits of nature and spend time in a luxury holiday as well.


Most of us are familiar with camping, but glamping brings your escape into the great outdoors to a whole new level, as it involves better accommodations combined with more comfortable facilities and amenities.

You can go glamping in different sites and locations in the UK, but you can also have your own glamping experience with a customised glamping accommodation built expressly for you. If you’re interested in glamping, here’s all you need to know in order to enjoy the perfect escape into nature.

The kinds of glamorous camping

There are many different kind of glamping holidays you can take advantage of, but they all have one thing in common: they allow you to enjoy nature and the outdoors without having to worry about setting up a tent, starting a bonfire (unless you want to), making do with a cookstove or sleeping on the hard ground on a flimsy sleeping bag.

Often, glamping is associated with luxury tipis and yurts (circular and spacious accommodations traditionally seen in colder countries), but you can also stay in a glamping pod or cabin, a treehouse, a lodge, and more. You can even go glamping in a renovated or refurbished caravan or camper van, but if you want something sturdier and all-weather, glamping cabins and safari tents are ideal.

You Can Do It Your Own Way

More people are going for glamping in a big way and creating their own glamping accommodations. When it comes time to look at luxury tents for sale, you now have more options than ever before, as more companies are offering pre-built or bespoke models which you can outfit with all the comforts and luxuries you desire.

Glamping features no real rules; you can do it at your own pace, and enjoy as much (or as little) or nature as you please.

A great option for different weather conditions

With glamping, you don’t really have to worry about whether it will rain or not during your holiday or weekend break – glamping accommodations such as glamping tents, pods, and cabins are often built expressly for finicky UK weather, and these units also feature showers and toilets, just like regular accommodations. Even if the weather does turn out to be frightful, you can still enjoy glamping, especially if you go for glamping accommodations complete with cosy living quarters, cooking facilities, and a sheltered porch complete with gorgeous views.

More privacy

Even if you stay at a particular glamping site with other guests, if you have your own glamping tent or pod, you can still enjoy a much higher level of privacy. With a regular tent, most of us feel exposed, but with a special glamping tent, you can have the utmost privacy coupled with the absolute best comforts you require for a relaxing break.

There are other benefits to glamping, including the fact that it can be eco-friendlier than other holiday or travel experiences, and you can fully customise your glamping holiday in such a way that it really suits whatever you fancy. At the end of the day, glamping is a must-try – and once you’ve tried it, you will most certainly be hooked.

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