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Five Travel Tips When Visiting Stockholm

Sweden is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe, and it’s no wonder when you consider their deep history. Ranging from the Viking age to a prestigious royal family; the country has everything. But here are some travel tips of what to expect when you touch down in the Swedish capital.

Airport Shuttle

There are four airports scattered around the city- Bromma, Skavsta, Arlanda and Västerås. All of which have different incoming and outgoing flights dependant on where you are flying from. Chances are, if you enter Sweden from outside of Europe, you will arrive at Arlanda, as that is the main airport in Stockholm. Meanwhile, if you fly from mainland Europe, it could be any of those choices. Västerås is the smallest of the four and only has two incoming and two outgoing flights a day. There is also no other option except the shuttle to get back and forth from this airport.

However, should you fly into any of the other three airports; you would be best suited to looking at local transport before booking onto a shuttle. Of course, dependant on the time that you arrive into Sweden- the shuttles from the airport tend to be the most expensive route into the city.

Start With a Healthy Swedish Breakfast

Most Swedes tend to enjoy their breakfast before heading out to work or school, but there is still a choice of places to eat what they call ‘the most important meal of the day’ within Stockholm.

Breakfast flavours are generally mild. You can always expect to see freshly brewed coffee on the table- it is most Swedish people’s first thought in the mornings. Yoghurt, dairy products and cereals are other common foods around the table.

Avoid Bringing Cash

Sweden is a step ahead of most countries when it comes to its payment. Most small businesses such as coffee shops and bars will only accept card and cash will be nowhere in sight. Much like when you play NetBet Roulette, card payments are the only way of paying in most establishments in Stockholm.

Of course, you should still bring a little amount of Swedish Krona but not too much, as you will also struggle to exchange it- especially in Sweden.

This is additionally difficult for those that visit Stockholm as many international banks ensure that you pay charges once you pay for an item in a different currency. The best advice on this front would be to ensure you have a fully loaded Cash Passport.

Try Your Hand at Swedish

Make no mistake about it; Swedish is an incredibly difficult language to learn. Swedes acknowledge that and are always very friendly when you attempt to speak their language- before then speaking perfect English to clear up any confusion.

Hello, and goodbye is ‘hej’ or ‘hej hej’ (‘j’ is pronounced like an English ‘y’). Meanwhile, ‘tack’ means both thank you, and please, so it’s extra easy to be polite.

Enjoy Stockholm’s Vegan Options

Stockholm is a very healthy and modern city- meaning that there is a variety of options should you have specific dietary requirements, or purely looking for a clean-eating week.

The vegan offerings around the city are unrivalled. You can order coffee with oat, almond or soya milk in most cafes, get delicious vegan ice cream in stores or at certain take-away spots. You can even try vegan pulled pork (oomph) in fast food chain Max Burger, Vigårda and many other burger restaurants.

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