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Published on February 26th, 2021 | by admin


Health and Wellness Checklist for International Travelers in 2021

It’s safe to say health is on the minds of most people these days. International travelers are especially concerned, given the pressure on them to avoid spreading infectious diseases across the world.

With that said, health and wellness should be at the top of everyone’s minds all the time. After all, we are little, if nothing, without our health.

Given the increased emphasis on health and wellness among travelers in 2021, we’ve decided to provide a seven-point checklist to consult as you make plans for international travel:

Infection Screening

Getting tested for Covid-19 became a standard of international travel in 2020. The coming year will be no exception. With so many countries requiring a negative test result from all incoming international visitors, those making plans to travel internationally in 2021 will need to schedule testing before departure. Failure to do so could mean being forced to quarantine for the entirety of your trip.


While infectious diseases are what most people are currently concerned about (and rightfully so), there’s still the issue of underlying illness and disorders that threaten health and wellness. Those planning to embark on a globe-trekking adventure this year are encouraged to undergo blood diagnostics before their trip. These tests detect abnormalities that could be signs of a serious condition. Finding out your bloodwork came back normal provides crucial peace of mind, which is essential when traveling long distances.


The best safeguard against spreading viral infection like Covid-19 is to be vaccinated. With that said, the Covid vaccine isn’t the only one that international travelers should have prior to departure. The latest flu vaccine is another one, as well as vaccinations against hepatitis, meningitis, and polio. Like the polio vaccine, some are one-time affairs, while others, like the influenza vaccine, need to be taken every year.

Sleep Pattern Adjustment

International travel typically means entering a new timezone, which can be several hours or even a full day away from your native time. While “jet lag” is a phrase that gets tossed around so often it loses its meaning, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to take steps to adjust. Quality sleep is too critical to health and wellness to let jet lag impact your entire trip.

Temperature Checks

Generally speaking, fever is the most common symptom of infectious disease. With this in mind, international travelers are encouraged to bring a digital thermometer with them and take their temperatures at least once per day. While choosing to spend the day in your hotel room due to a fever is probably not your idea of a dream vacation experience, it’s better than risking the health and wellness of others.

Physical Conditioning

Would you plan a mountain climbing expedition without first making sure you can do it? While that’s an extreme example, the same rule of thumb should be applied to travel plans regardless of the planned activity’s level of intensity. For instance, many foreign travel experiences involve lots of walking. Those who haven’t walked more than a few miles in a single day might be shocked to discover how exhausted they become before lunchtime. Do yourself a favor and get yourself in reasonable shape before your trip.

Mental Preparation

Planning a journey that takes you thousands of miles from home can sound like a full-time blast on paper, but many people find themselves experiencing homesickness sooner than expected. Depending on the destination, mental fortitude may become critical, something that’s harder to maintain when you’re out of your element and far removed from your comfort zone. Conduct research to uncover any potential setbacks or challenges that may arise on your trip, then go about mentally preparing yourself for them. That way, in the event you undergo some form of hardship in a faraway land, you’re in a position to be a problem solver rather than a perennial worrier.

Many people are gearing up to resume travel in 2021. However, before doing so, it’s imperative to ensure optimum health and wellness. Just a few simple steps can be the difference between a good time and a bad one.


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