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How to Pack Make-up for Your Travel Bag

Every worldly woman needs her make-up essentials when she travels, but the key is to pack lightly. Find out how with these travel make-up packing tips.

No matter how much of a minimalist you may be, you’ll probably still find it challenging to reduce your make-up bag to just the few essentials you need for your overseas trip!

However, it’s a good idea to do exactly that in order to save space in your bag and keep yourself as organized and clutter-free as possible. Luckily, with a few key tips, packing only the essentials is as easy as can be; read on and we will show you how!

#1: Protect Your Make-up Bag

The first, and possibly most important tip for your make-up bag during your travels, is to wrap it up well.

By wrapping it in clothing, you will protect whatever you have chosen to pack, helping to prevent damage or breakage to your precious cosmetics. A sweater or shawl will make a particularly good protective barrier for your make-up bag.

#2: Leave Expensive Products at Home

Unless you have the money to replace them, it’s better to leave designer, brand name make-up products at home, especially if you will be travelling for extended periods of time. Instead, switch them out for cheaper drug store brands, which will work just as well and be far less painful to lose if they get lost or break along the way.

If you need to replace them, drug store brands like Maybelline and Revlon are also easy to find in virtually every part of the world, leaving you with more money to spend on the betting in Mexico, or apuestas deportivas en Mexico as it’s known by the locals.

#3: Choose Waterproof Mascara

When you’re on the go, your make-up needs to work (and play) as hard as you do. Replace your regular mascara with a waterproof or water-resistant option that will stand up to activities like hiking, dancing and exploring without leaving you with the dreaded raccoon eyes.

This is particularly important if you will be visiting a particularly hot or humid country as well.

#4: Go Easy on Eye Shadows

A golden rule when it comes to eye shadow when travelling is to stick to two quad-palettes or less if you can.

Ensure that the colours you choose match the outfits you have packed and brush up on your shading skills to maximize the amount of wear you can get out of the hues you take along for the ride. It is amazing how versatile just a few key, neutral colours can be, especially when you add water to them to transform them into eyeliners too!

#5: Depot Your Make-up

If you are short on space, it’s probably a good idea to decant your make-up into smaller containers and explore every avenue of minimisation at its max! Stock up on some handy small containers or use the ones you already have at home to take travel-sized dollops of foundation, powder, lip tint, and anything else you need with you.

This will also help immensely if you happen to lose any of your products along the way, as you will have lost a small amount rather than a full bottle!

#6: Leave the Lipstick at Home

Unless you simply cannot live without your favourite lipstick shade, many experts recommend leaving your lipstick behind altogether in favour of a nourishing lip balm or tinted gloss.

Lip balm is a necessary travel essential to start with, so you may as well get a tinted one that multi-tasks.

#7: Look for Multi-Use Products

Multi-use products are lifesavers when it comes to travelling. Keep an eye out for products that act as eye shadows and lip colours or lip liners and eyeliners at the same time, and you will save a huge amount of space and trouble in the long run!

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