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Published on November 24th, 2020 | by admin


How to save money while already on your travels

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Travelling can be extremely rewarding but also very expensive. You can do your best to plan everything in advance but, as I’m sure you know, nothing ever goes completely to plan. Sometimes, things might have to be adapted quickly, or you might just want to save an extra bit of money. Either way, here are some tips on how to save money whilst you are already on your travels.

Public transport

One thing to look at is how you are going to get around now you have reached your destination. Public transport is often the cheapest way to get from A to B, but it can take a bit of time to work out. Ask a local for advice on what they use.

If you think you might use it frequently, maybe look at getting a travel card or bulk-buying travel tokens. London has the Oyster card for the Underground, Newcastle-upon-Tyne has weekly passes for the Metro and Toronto lets you bulk-buy tokens for the TTC with discounts.


Alternatively, if the hotel you have booked is close enough, why not try and walk to the tourist destinations. Look at Dorsett Hotel, City, for example, which is within walking distance of many prime traveller attractions.

Walking can help you to actually experience the place you are travelling, as it makes you really slow down and take everything in. You might even find some local haunts which you wouldn’t have if you had taken a taxi.

Be flexible

When you are planning to visit tourist attractions, ask yourself whether you really need to go on this specific day. Some museums, art galleries and the likes have higher prices at weekends, when these venues are at their busiest. See if they have a day which is classed as off-peak, where their tickets might be cheaper, and go then instead. Don’t forget that, often, it is more expensive to see these things during school holidays, Christmas and Easter, too.

Look for free Wi-Fi

Don’t be caught out by pesky roaming fees or overseas charges. Make sure you have your phone configured to the settings you need to avoid getting overcharged, and try to make use of all of the free Wi-Fi you can find. Most Libraries, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels have free Wi-Fi nowadays, so it is always good to check.

Eat like a local

When you are travelling, it is important to get to know the local hotspots. Often, this is the way that you can experience the authentic culture and the best food without the inflated prices you see with most tourist places. Street food can often be super-cheap, locally sourced and very tasty. You can even ask at your hotel if they have any recommendations.

As you can see, there are many ways you can manage to do all the things you want to do whilst you are travelling, but also save a little money here and there. If you are planning on travelling on a budget, plan as far in advance as you can and then follow these simple tips for the holiday of your dreams.

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