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How To Stay Fit While Traveling

There are very few things in life as joyous as travelling, but it can often leave you feeling a bit tired and disorientated. There are many things at play that can cause this, including jetlag, confusing time zones or even the general feeling of exhaustion that led you to taking a break away in the first place. One of the easiest ways to combat these feelings so that you can make the most of your exciting holiday is by staying fit. However, exercise is often the last thing on our minds when we could be lounging at the beachside, sipping on a coconut.

As tricky as it can be to motivate yourself to workout and move your body, it is one of the best ways to make yourself feel more energised and ready to tackle all of the excitement that this new destination has brought you. Take a look at a few of our best tips on how to stay fit, even while traveling.

Pack the right shoes

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but packing the right shoes will make your life so much easier. When you pack your bag for travel, make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk and workout in. The more comfortable your shoes are, the more likely you will be to put in the effort and be active.

The structure of your daily physical activity is likely to change. For example, perhaps you focus more on getting in a certain number of steps per day while traveling instead of spending a set amount of time pumping iron in the gym – whatever may be true in your case, the right shoes will motivate you to keep going.

Take the stairs

On some days, it will be harder than others to try and squeeze in a workout between all of the running around and exploring of the new and exciting location that you find yourself in. However, not all is lost on these days. Take the stairs wherever and whenever you can. You will be surprised at how making small changes like avoiding the escalator will go a long way in helping you stay in the same shape that you are used to.

Do some research

Before your trip, have a look at what your hotel or accommodation has on offer or near it. Does the hotel have a gym that’s free for guests to use? Or perhaps it has a swimming pool for you to complete a few laps in, or maybe there is a gym close by offering drop-in fitness classes. Make yourself aware of everything that is available to you once you reach your destination and then try your best to build a routine that best suits you.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself, though. If you typically workout every day when you’re at home, it’s ok to cut it down to just a few days every week to accommodate your holiday schedule. You are on vacation, after all.

Take a look at online classes

Jetlag is a very tricky thing to try and combat, and you might find that at some strange times, you have more energy than you do at any other time of the day. If this is the case, it is likely that the times you have the most energy does not coincide with the right times for gym classes or opening hours. If this is the case, or if you would prefer to stay in your hotel room instead of visiting the gym, take a look at online fitness classes.

Many of them are free and require little to no equipment outside of a yoga or exercise mat. You can work up quite a sweat, enjoy a rush of endorphins and maintain your fitness levels just as well with online classes as you would with in-person ones. They are also quite varied and offer everything from yoga and Pilates to kickboxing.

Go for hikes

One of the best parts of any trip is seeing the natural beauty surrounding you. Depending on where you are, the great outdoors can generally be very easily accessible, making a hike the perfect way to experience it and stay fit at the same time.

Of course, one can generally choose a hike depending on the degree of difficulty that it brings, as well as the distance and the kind of terrain covered. Hiking can be lots of fun and will provide you with many picture-perfect moments for you to enjoy in person before uploading them to your Instagram stories!

Join in on some local activities

When it comes to maintaining your fitness while traveling, why not try something new? Each destination has something unique on offer, many of which might help you burn a few calories while you are at it.

For example, if you are in Spain, why not go for a salsa class? Or even a tango lesson in Latin America? Every culture has something different on offer so if you happen to see a class being offered, why not take it? It will certainly make for an unforgettable experience and who knows? You may just find the perfect new hobby to help keep you fit!

Make sure you drink enough water

Water is one of the most important resources that we have on this planet, no matter where on it you decide to go, and whether you’re exercising, traveling or playing at an online gambling casino. When traveling, aim to drink one or two glasses of water every hour. This is especially important after (and during) a long flight, as the air in a cabin can be very dehydrating. By staying hydrated, you stay energised.

Depending on where you are visiting, water can be expensive when bought in bottles all the time, so be sure to pack a reusable water bottle – it will be kinder to your pocket and to the planet. Try to drink a minimum of two litres of water every day, or more if you can. This will go a long way in helping to keep up your levels of motivation to stay fit.


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