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Keeping to Your Meditation Regimen During Travel

Keeping to your meditation schedule can be simple with a few good practices, even while you travel. Check out our top tips for travel meditation here!

Travelling can be wonderful, but it can also be exhausting, especially if you don’t have any time to take a breather between taking flights and taxis, meeting people for dinners and meetings, and attending other important social events. As a result, many who travel find that their self-care practices fall to the wayside – and meditation is usually the first of these to go!

With that said, if you find meditation essential to your daily well being, you should try wherever possible to make time for it during your trip. Read on as we break down how to keep your meditative regime in check, no matter where you are or how busy you may be.

#1: Keep Committed

As you gear up for your next travel adventure, promise yourself that you will meditate every day, no matter where you find yourself. This likely means that you will have to sacrifice something from time to time – be it social engagements, time for Football betting in Argentina (or apuestas de futbol Argentina), or sleep – but you already know that it will be worth it in the end!

Successful people are the ones who can stay committed to the things that keep them on track every single day, no matter their circumstances, so commitment is essential.

#2: Clear Your Space

Meditation can be tricky in a new, unfamiliar place, so pack a few key things to help set your vibe. Some spiritual gurus recommend items like noise-cancelling headphones (and some binaural beats or relaxing music to go with them), a candle, a small blanket, and some prayer beads, essential oils, or anything else you like.

Having these small items at hand can help you feel peaceful while meditating, even if you are on the top floor of your skyscraper hotel!

#3: Manage Your Time Well

Part of making time for meditation is good time management. Whether you have a few minutes to spare while in your Uber on the way to your new destination or you’re on your airplane and have got a few hours to yourself, take the opportunity to meditate and reflect on your surroundings.

This is also a great time to get in some practice if you have a hectic day ahead.

#4: Create a Safe Space

It can be tricky to find a space that is truly yours while you travel, especially if you are sharing a space with someone else.

Find a private balcony, yard, corner, or even a bathroom and make it special by clearing its energy and making it yours. Bring along your blanket, pillow, candle, and any other meditation accessories you prefer to make it comfortable and help you to adapt.

#5: Stay Healthy Wherever Possible

Travel often means overindulgence, which can take its toll on your body and well-being. Remember to eat clean wherever you can, and to stay well hydrated to keep your energy levels stable during the day.

Also consider investing in a few key health supplements if you need them – a vitamin B complex containing magnesium is a great place to start!

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