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Retail or Etail

Whether your traveling or settled down in some part of the world, shopping is something we all require to take part in. Personally, I prefer to get my electronics online, because I’m often in countries that those electronics are much more expensive. (Sometimes I even have to get my parents to buy things for me and mail them).

But when it comes to clothing, I am avid about needing to try it on first. Everyone is different though and sometimes we can’t even afford the things we want or need for daily life. For me it’s hard being my own boss, traveling and not always knowing whether or not I will be getting paid. Whereas some people who are more settled might have a family, a lot more bills to pay and require short term loans online or help from the government.

Either way, it’s always good to think about our purchases before we make them. It’s not always easy when you’re location independent either. Below is an infographic of how we shop – Retail vs. Etail. No matter what your travel, living or money situation is, this is good knowledge to have so you can spend less and save more. (Maybe save your pennies to travel the world like I did!!!).

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