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Saving of flight tickets while travelling around the world

Many people have a dream of travelling around the world. However, this is often very difficult as a result of a lot of factors. Prominent among those factors is having the money and having the time to travel around the world. For those that have been able to achieve travelling around the world, few of them had been because they had the money or they had a sponsor. With that, they could take about a year off work, which they used to do their travelling and then came back to continue. However, even more interesting is the fact that it is possible to earn money and travel as a digital nomad. With this, you would always have money since you are making money on the go. This is more advantageous as you could make your trip around the world for 5 years. All you would just have to be mindful of is that you are making more money than you are spending. One of the ways you can employ to achieve this is by using cheaper flight tickets. With cheaper flight tickets, you would be able to have more money than you can spare and use to do other things. These articles will discuss some of the ways that you can save money on flight tickets while travelling.

Plan ahead
In most cases, a flight would be at least 10 per cent cheaper if it was paid for 2 weeks to the flight than if it was paid for 3 days to the flight. Immediately the flight is decided and added to the online database of the company such that it can be booked, the prices are mostly low. However, as people start to book the flight, the price starts to increase until it gets to a peak. This depends on how many seats are being picked and how many seats are left. If 3 days to the taking off of the flight, there are just 3 to 7 seats left, the flight company could hike the price for the remaining seats to as high as over 50 per cent the initial price. However, in most cases, the price for the flights reaches a peak 2 days to the take-off of the flight. If there is still considerable space left, the price begins to drop and by few hours to the departure of the flight, if there are still over 20 seats available, the price could drop to about half of the price it was 2 days before the flight. However, since you can’t always guarantee that there would be space at the last minute, you can always guarantee to pay early for the flight.

Use flight comparison websites
By using flight comparison websites, you would know which flights are offering the cheapest rate. If you do not have a preference for flight companies, you could go with the least price. If you have preferences, you could go with the flight company that is among your preference and offering the lowest price. Considering that the price is determined by several factors, you cannot always know which particular flight you can board at the lowest price. However, with flight comparison websites, you can always be sure.

Paying for the flight at the last minute
The cheapest you will ever get a flight ticket is if a plane is just half-filled or less than half-filled and it is to fly within the next 3 to 12 hours. The price would drop so drastically. This option is, however, risky but very feasible. But as a digital nomad, you would have the luxury of time. All you have to do is hang around the airport as in some cases, you could get the ticket from someone who is no more interested in following the flight. You should also avoid busy airports and busy routes. When you are travelling to a particular country or city, your journey should start from the less busy airport and end in less busy airports. It is in this type of less busy airport to a less busy airport that you would find empty flights. Using an app like Skyscanner can also help you know when the price of a flight has dropped. You can read reviews about Skyscanner flights to know all the ways Skyscanner can help you save money while flying.

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