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The Cost of Booking a Yacht

Chartering a yacht is assumed to appealing, especially when the desire for remote travel has become greater than ever. Nevertheless, what is the cost of chartering a yacht? What are some of the factors that determine the cost of chartering a yacht? These are some questions that people who are interested in chartering a yacht have been asking themselves. The following are some factors that determine actual cost of a yacht :

Yacht Itself

The yacht, especially the design, size, and age, is the most significant determinant of the cost. It is believed that the guest capacity and number of cabins, together with the yacht’s reputation have been affecting the price of the yacht charters as well.

The cost can also be affected by the kind of yacht that you want to book. There are expedition, motor, sailing, open, gullet, and multi-hulled catamaran yachts to choose from. The most common kind of the yacht being charted today is the motor yacht. It is then followed by the sailing yachts. These kinds of yachts are somehow expensive.

The size of the crew is determined by the size of the yacht. In addition to the captain, the crew size ranges from several individuals to staff of deckhands, officers, engineer, chefs, housekeepers, and electricians. The crew’s reputation is one of the things that affected the price too.

Passenger size has not been varying as much. A small yacht can carry just six individuals, though several super yachts can accommodate about 12 passengers because of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, which the International Maritime Organization set forth.

According to Arthaud Yachting services, boat booking shows that such a cap has been existing on almost all yachts, but certain boats can get some special licenses for carrying more passengers. In addition, a good number of yachts are always owned by individuals, who sometimes consider adding further changeability among pricing.


With established yachting industry, destinations or locations are known for being less expensive. On the other hand, hard-to-reach locations and destinations are more expensive.

When you consider high-season yachting, you will realize that it is more expensive. Mediterranean charters, during summer, are costlier. From December to March, yacht charters are always the highest as far as pricing is concerned. The ‘shoulder months,’ which refer to months that are on the high season’s outer ends, are known for being slightly cheaper, in as much as the weather can be unpredictable or less dependable.
Certain destinations are known for having short seasons and this is something that increases demand.

Duration of Trip

In as much as the minimum duration for an average yacht chartering is a week, some companies are known for having minimum stay of not less than five days. Some of them work and charge their services per week. Nevertheless, some owners have been giving room for negotiation; so, they are in a position of accepting shorter duration. This suggests you can as well discuss with the owner of the yacht about extending the charter when you are booking for your reservation. Nevertheless, you may not be in a position of making decision until when you are in your cruise.

For you to enjoy your vacation, you need to determine the duration of the trip based on the amount you are willing to pay. It is also important to note that the prices have not been going down for the longer days as well. The price of booking a yacht for two weeks is twice that of one week.

Water Toys

Water toys refer to the cache of equipment. They range from underwater seabobs, kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis, personal submarines, and high-powered yacht tenders. Some yachts are known for having sea pools, zorbs, and slides, which are deployed from the yacht’s top into the ocean.

Regardless of the factors that determine the cost of booking a yacht, it is important to consider yacht charter expert who can assist you to negotiate the cost of the price. Moreover, a yacht charter expert, like Arthaud Yachting, will also ensure that your yacht charting experience is always enjoyable and memorable.

About Arthaud Yachting

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