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The Importance of Keeping Active & Busy After Retirement – Travel

Retirement is a wonderful thing. It is your big reward after a life of working, finally a chance to rest, make the most of your free time and indulge in hobbies that you have never had time for with those busy, long working days. The easy life is tempting after years of strenuous work and routine. But, retirement can be a dangerous thing, too. Working gives us a routine and a purpose in life, and without that, it is easy to suddenly fall into a tiring routine and to develop a sense of worthlessness that can be so debilitating that it will make you wish you were still at work.

So how can you avoid falling into this trap in retirement? How can you keep living a good life with hope and purpose, instead of just accepting old age and basically doing nothing with this newly found, precious free time? The secret is to keep busy and active.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to get out of the house and experience new things and new places, new cuisines, new cultures and to really live life. Traveling is one of the most beautiful, enriching things we can do in life at any age, and your retired years are the perfect opportunity to really make the most of it. All that money you have saved up during a whole life working could not be put to better use, and it can give you a whole new sense of purposefulness. 

With the excitement that comes with every new day and experience, you certainly won’t get bored. Moreover, traveling is a school away from school, the university of life, so to speak, and no two days are the same. It keeps the mind active, and you will never stop learning.

Traveling does not just enrich the mind and soul, but the body too. Keeping active when you reach retirement age is incredibly important, to keep both body and mind healthy. You may not be backpacking solo like you did when you were 20, but there are all kinds of different ways to travel. When traveling, you do exercise without even realizing it, as you will always be on the move. Whether you prefer strolls along the beach, walks discovering new cities or hikes through nature, there will always be a way to keep moving and active during a trip. 

Many retirees also like to take up new activities during retirement, such as light watersports, golf, tennis, swimming and cycling. These are sporting activities that are generally easy going on the joints, and do the body a world of good, helping you to keep in great health. When traveling, you can take advantage of better climates to take up these activities. If golf is your thing, there are a plethora of golfing holidays available where you can reunite with other golf lovers and make friends for life. 

Friends. That is another big plus of traveling. Sure, when you are home you can see the same old friends that you have always had where you live in the same old cafes, but it can be difficult to meet new people from different backgrounds and with different stories to tell when you are in the same town all your life. When traveling, you have the potential to meet other retirees and make some wonderful friends and enrich the mind. You might even make travel buddies and friends that you can join on other trips. This is great motivation to get out there, see new places and try new things. 

It is important to be prepare before heading out to travel, and your health is the priority. There are lots of different deals available on holiday insurance for over 65’s, and this is something you shouldn’t even think twice about taking out. The Telegraph has published a report on this topic, detailing the best policies for older travellers. Taking out insurance helps ensure your trip runs smoothly. 

There are lots of places that are especially suited to the older generation, places that are quieter and more relaxed, with activities to suit all ages. One of these places is Spain, especially the Costa del Sol. A relaxed, easy going life with plenty of sun, this is an ideal for retirees. Here, you can rent bikes, swim in the sea, go for beach walks, eat fresh fish on the beach and discover Spanish history and culture. Many buy motorhomes or caravans and take long holidays here. It is affordable and easy, and there is so much to discover on the coast as well as in the mountains. The best of both worlds. US News has named Malaga as one of the best places to retire.

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