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Top Tips To Help You Find A Cheap Flight From Dubai To London

Travelling involves huge cost from finding a nice hotel to stay, good food to affordable flights. In many occasions, you may find a cheap place to stay as well as cheap and good food but, the hardest thing to find is a cheap flight. You will probably spend more money in flights.

With the following tips, you may be able to find cheap flights from Dubai to Landon:

  1. Know the exact date to book your flight

You are advised not to book too early or too late taking into account the route and season. You should spend sufficient time checking specific routes to find low prices. The right time that you can book cheap flights from Dubai to London is about 66 days before your departure. July, August as well as September are considered to be high season and therefore, avoid booking flights during these months.

The best month that you will find cheap flights is on October. Also, it is morning flights are more expensive as compared to evening flights. Therefore, it is advisable to book evening flights so that you can save some money.

  1. Book flights with travel agencies

Online travel agencies such as Musafir may help you find the ideal time that you can travel to London when prices are averagely low. Alternatively, Google flights is also another great resource that may enable you track flight fares when you set yourself an alert. This way, you will be able to find a cheap flight.

  1. Take advantage of cheapest flights during the days of the week

It is known that Wednesday is the cheapest day that you can travel to London from Dubai while Fridays are more expensive. Therefore, plan yourself well to travel on Wednesday. On the other hand, Thursdays are the cheapest days when travelling back to Dubai from London while Mondays are more expensive.


With the above tips, you will be able to find a cheap flight to London from Dubai and back. Saving some money from your flights is a great deal; it may help you plan for another travel to explore the world as you can.

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