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Tried And True Ways To Add Money To Your Travel Fund

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You’re in desperate need of a vacation, but you keep putting it off due to finances. Your income barely covers your everyday expenses, your credit is less than satisfactory, and getting approved for a credit card or loan is out of the question. So, you decide to set money aside with the hopes of going on vacation once you’ve reached your savings goal. Unfortunately, after several months of saving, you’re hundreds of dollars away from your target.

At this rate, you’ll never get to travel. You’ve eliminated takeout, ditched your cable services, and even reduced your energy and water consumption to lower your monthly bills. Yet, you’ve barely scratched the surface. While it may feel like all hope is lost, there are some other options to boost your travel fund faster. Check out these ideas listed below.

Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

Whether you know it or not, you have a lot of money lying around your house. There are plenty of things you no longer use that others would pay for. If you want to give your vacation fund a boost, try getting rid of stuff you don’t need. Go through each room in your home and gather items that are merely taking up space. Then decide how you want to sell them. You can host a yard sale, turn things in at a consignment store, or sell your belongings online. If you have specialty items like antiques, coins, jewelry, or cars, you should sell to a professional buyer to get more money.

Sign Up And Save

These days, there’s a coupon or discount for everything. You can boost your travel savings by signing up for as many of these programs as possible. Some apps find you savings while shopping online, coupon and promo code sites, customer loyalty programs, and more. Whether you get a $15 Amazon rebate or 15% off your next purchase at the grocery store, it’s money you can put away for your trip. The more programs you sign up for, the more savings you can find, getting you to your goal faster.

Income Taxes

Supercharge your travel fund balance by putting your income tax refund in the account. Whether you receive an extra $100 or $1,000, it can go a long way in paying for things you’ll need on vacation.

Start A Side Gig

If you don’t have enough money in your budget to set aside for a vacation, perhaps it’s time you add an income source. These days, it’s easy to get paid for just about anything. You can become a freelance writer, start a blog, join a rideshare service, deliver groceries or takeout, tutor, or sell online courses. After you’ve paid for expenses and set aside money for taxes, the rest of the money can go into your travel fund. Maintaining a side gig for a few months can generate a considerable amount of cash, which means you’ll be traveling in style in no time.

Ask For Cash Gifts

Several times of the year, you receive presents from friends and family. For your birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, or other special occasions throughout the year, ask those closest to you for cash. While money is usually an impersonal gift, if you tell them what it’s for, they’ll be more inclined to give. Whether it’s $30 bucks from your mother or $100 from your coworkers, this money will help you reach your travel savings goals much easier.

Creating a vacation or travel fund is an effective way to save for a much-needed trip. The only problem is, finding the additional money to put in the account. If you’ve tried other methods of savings with little to no luck, there are options. The above tried and true methods can help you accumulate a large sum of money to get you to your savings goals faster. Using one or a combination of these suggestions will have you on your trip to Maui, Miami, Los Angles, or wherever you dreamed of going in no time.

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