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What to Wear on Travel Days

When planning a trip, it’s easy to focus on the fun of being on vacation and gloss over how you get there. Unfortunately, a great vacation usually means you’ll be stuck with at least four to ten hours of travel each way. The key to starting a good holiday is to make sure you can make the best of each step.

Here are some modes of travel and how to dress for them when on vacation!


This option is the prominent transit people think about when considering going on vacation. Dressing for flying has some simple rules that can keep your trip a happy one if you follow through.

The most important tip is to dress in as few layers as possible. If you get cold easily, bring a hoodie or sweater, but otherwise, try to keep to only one layer. On a plane, if you get too warm, it’s challenging to get up and maneuver to remove extra layers. You can also pack a blanket if you’re worried about the chill.

Another tip to consider is to wear easily removable shoes and pants that require no belt. TSA screenings are the butt of many travel jokes because of the hoops people have to jump through to get through them. Wear clothing that makes it easier to get in and out of the TSA line, with slip-off shoes and clothes with as few metal furnishings as possible.


With airfare going up in cost, many people are turning to take bus routes to get around the country. On a bus, depending on how long you’ll be there, you may have to sleep while in transit. Wear comfortable, loose clothing that can double as something comfortable to use as pajamas.

The best options are zipper hoodies you can remove easily, sweat pants, or other loose and comfortable pants and a comfortable tee-shirt. It’s better that you keep your shoes on when you’re on a bus, so go for comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind wearing for a while.


The outfit you pick can look different if you’re driving or if you’re a passenger, but if you’re going on a long drive, some outfits can make it easier.

Whether you’re driving or a passenger, wear clothing that you would be comfortable lounging in for hours at a time. Driving isn’t the time to wear your nicest slacks or your favorite draped dress- aim for clothing that’s comfortable. Think of what you’d wear while driving around looking at Oklahoma City houses for sale, instead of how you want to arrive on the beach.

The significant difference between the driver and a passenger is the shoes. For passengers, if you want to wear flip flops or some other shoe, you can take off and relax your feet, that’s fine. If you’re driving, though, flip flops can be a significant hazard. When driving, aim for closed-toed shoes with a secure back, like sneakers, boat shoes, or sandals that get well secured to your feet.

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