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How To Effectively Mix Business With Vacation


You’ve decided to leave your cold hometown in New Jersey and embark on a journey to Miami, Florida for vacation. Somewhere along the way, as you are passing by Pembroke Pines, you realize that you still have a lot of work that you have not finished for your business. You are on vacation with your family, and want to keep them happy by participating in all of the events that they want. What should you do? How can you effectively handle work for your business and family?

Brief Meetings

If you need to meet with anyone, or conduct a meeting, while you are on vacation, then make the meetings brief and to the point. At the onset of the meeting, you will want to discuss the point of the conversation, what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. If your meetings do not need to be face-to-face, then utilize virtual services like Skype. Virtual services will save you a lot of travel time and travel money, while allowing you to schedule meetings around the schedules of every party involved. As you discuss your topic with the other people involved in the meeting, make it known that you are on vacation and see if you can delegate tasks to others.

Plan Ahead

An itinerary of the tasks that either you, or your family, will want to complete will give you an estimate of how much time that you have to work with. You will want to set a schedule for how long you will be busy enjoying your vacation, and when you can spend time completing the work that you want to finish. Aim to participate in events and tasks that will allow you to have some down-time, where you can get more work done. If possible, bring your work with you so that you can complete it as you are waiting to participate in an activity. Having a plan will help you feel more relaxed while on vacation and you will be able to enjoy your time away as a family.

Let Someone Else Drive

You will be amazed at how much time we spend driving to different destinations daily; nearly two hours a day, on average. If you have someone else that can drive, during your vacation, consider utilizing their skills so that you can complete work along the journey. You will save yourself valuable time as you arrive at each one of your destinations. Additionally, you will have allowed yourself to become one step closer to finishing your work.


Exercising, during your vacation, may remove some time that you have to complete work, but it will provide you with more energy and stamina when you are completing your work. Through released endorphins, exercise will also release any stress that may be holding you back.


Completing work, for a business, while on vacation, does not need to be an overly-complicated and stressful task. Through a carefully crafted plan and use of free time, it is completely possible to mix business with your vacation. Effectively mixing business with a vacation will be a balancing act that should ultimately result in a win-win situation. Just make sure, however, to do what you originally sought out to do, and enjoy your vacation time.

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