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The Benefits of Shipping Via Less Than A TruckLoad

There are many ways to transport freight shipments from one point to another by air, rail, sea, and truck. There are a variety of options when using trucks.  One of the most popular ones is less-than-truckload (LTL).  You may have heard of the shipping term LTL but not sure what it means.  LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload shipping. This means that the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck.

Below are some of the benefits of choosing this type of freight shipping method.

 1.   Minimizes costs – For freight shipment exceeding 150lbs and does not require a full truckload to transport, LTL is a great choice.  Shipments from multiple companies are combined in one truck and this will lower the cost.  Each shipper will only pay for the weight of their freight and the space it uses in the trailer. LTL shipment is also more economical than parcel as it requires less handling than multiple smaller packages of the same weight and space.

2.  Eco Friendly – Many people are concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. With LTL shipping, there is an increase in the number of trucks filled to capacity with LTL shipments and reduces the number of partially filled trucks on the road. This will result in less trucks on the road  and less carbon emissions.

3.  Reduce Risk  – Freight shipment is typically loaded onto pallets or into crates. This move will protect shipments from wear and tear caused by handling. It also minimizes the chances of loss when compared to that of small package shipping.

4.  Improve Shipment Security – LTL shipping companies take security very seriously. Once your shipment is handed to a professional LTL shipper, you can feel confident that your package will stay safe until it reaches its final destination.

5.  Shipping options available – LTL offers various service options that may not be available with other shipping methods. They include lift gate, special handling, notifications prior to delivery, delivery, inside pick-up, freeze protection, and more. These services are either billed by using a weight-based surcharge or at a flat rate.

6.  Easy tracking – These shipments are easy to track because companies that offer such service are more advanced in terms of tracking systems.  Satellite communications are utilize to trace and interact with drivers.

7.  Never pay for unused cargo space again -Do not waste money on paying to for half-filled delivery trucks.  Your shipment will be combined with other deliveries with LTL shipping. This way you will save money without having to handle the logistics.

After reading the above, do you feel more comfortable with less-than-load options  shipping? You now have a better understanding of what benefits you will receive when using this method to move your freight and how LTL rates are calculated.

Still wondering if this is the best option for your next shipment? Are you ready to ship your first LTL shipment?  Head over to Shiply, an online shipping marketplace platform that can help you to find the shipping companies and send you quotes for comparison.

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