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What to Wear to a Tech Startup Launch Party

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Tech startups are known for their loose dress code in the office, so it’s only natural that their launch parties are semi-formal or business casual, as well. Tech parties are casual enough that you can dress for comfort rather than to impress. Tech moguls love to be comfortable, so you should be, too. Don’t spend too much time working on the perfect hairstyle. Instead, lounge out and get to the party. Your attire to a party filled with techy people, should be on trend but not outrageous. Ensure that your choice of accessories are tasteful and on the plain side and that your shoes aren’t blinding and you should be good to go!


A Tech startup party is not the place to stun the room with your brand new couture clothing. Instead, your choice of clothing should be polished, but casual enough that you can wear it to your local liquor store.

For example, sheath dresses are both comfortable and chic, and in turn, perfect for such occasions. You can pair these dresses with a simple blazer for a semi-formal look, or wear the dress by itself with a shawl. Sheath dresses can embrace your curves and give you that little black dress look or can even function as a shirt dress. When it comes to your dress choice, choose solid colors to ensure that you aren’t making a statement and being too bold in the casual atmosphere.


When it comes to accessorizing your dress or simple wear it is best to go with accessories that don’t draw a lot of attention. Wearing simple hoop earrings or studs gives your ears that gleam, but won’t outshine the room. Necklaces should be simple and have one small pendant (if any). It is okay to wear a matching set of bracelets with your tech attire, and you can choose something simple but personalized. This way, you’ll be keeping it casual without drawing attention to your accessories. To keep yourself low-key, choose simple colors like silver and gold to compliment your outfit.


If you choose to wear a sheath dress to the launch party, expect that your dress will be knee length. That means, your shoes will definitely be making an appearance. Ensure that your shoes aren’t too flashy, because this is a professional event, after all. Choose simple designs with shorter heels to blend in with the comfort of the crowd. If you want to wear higher heels, consider wearing platforms or wedges. This way, you will be comfortable to stand around and chat all night long. Choose simple warm colors or solid black shoes that compliment your chosen style of dress, and you’ll be comfortable enough to chat the night away.

Whatever you choose as your go-to outfit, ensure that you will be comfortable. Tech moguls are all about making life simple and they don’t like going all out for their events. For this reason, choose something that you’ll enjoy wearing. A simple dress, with light accessories and plain shoes are the best way to go if you want to blend in with the crowd. Choose plain patterned clothing without the flare and comfortable shoes so that your fashion won’t stand in the way of you making quality contacts.


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