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Female Travelers: How To Keep Safe

Traveling alone can be terrifying, but it can also be incredibly liberating, which is why whether you are male or female, you should never hold back on your travel plans just because you are going alone. Female travelers, however, have more to consider than their male counterparts. Some cultures revolve around extreme machoism that results in staggering rates of femicide, others have laws that directly subjugate their women. Though you should never feel like you cannot go somewhere that you want to visit, you do need to be careful. This is why, whether you are traveling alone or with female friends, you should follow these tips on how to stay safe.

Join a Solo Female Traveler Network

When you travel alone, it’s nice to know that you have people at the tip of your fingertips who can give you advice and even help if you need it. Therefore, every solo female traveler should join an online network. You can join these kinds of groups on Facebook or other chat rooms, and once you do, you will have access to a wide network of incredible women just like yourself.

Choose Safe Accommodation Options

Where you sleep is always a critical component to your safety abroad. This applies to anyone, male, female, solo traveler or those in groups. That is why searching for popular vacation rental destinations can help you not just find safe and fun destinations to travel to, but also find safe and luxurious homes to stay in. Choose a home that is within your budget, is in a good area, and one that is well-reviewed. That way whether you are traveling alone or with friends you can also feel secure, safe, and enjoy your trip as you want to enjoy it. 

Learn Language Basics

When you visit a country where you don’t know their main language, it is always helpful to learn a few language basics before you go. You can do this on free apps, or you can take a short language course. What you will be able to do will depend on how much time you have before your trip. Of course, top tourist destinations are easy to get around without knowing the language, as many vendors will understand some English, but it is always best to be able to know how to say key phrases.

Have Phone Service Wherever You Go

Another great way to stay safe when abroad, no matter where you go, is to have phone service. This means you will need to unlock your phone and buy a SIM card at the airport in the country you are visiting. Once you have a SIM card, you can use translation apps, map apps, and feel secure as you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Whether you travel alone or with friends does not matter. Being a woman should not and does not have to bar you from traveling. You do need to be safe, and to know where you are going and what you need to watch out for, but by following basic safety protocols you can easily stay safe when you are abroad. Use reputable online booking companies, read reviews, and always remember to have an emergency fund ready in case anything happens.

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