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Published on November 15th, 2017 | by admin


Stay Safe When Renting an Apartment Online

Are you are planning to relocate to a new place? It is convenient and easy to find a rental apartment in your preferred city. Searching online is one of the most used and easiest ways to find an apartment to buy or rent and can often save you money traveling. Most rental agencies and companies have a database of available apartments on their websites. You can view the apartment pictures, features, reviews and prices, and book a rental apartment online.

Although there are lots of benefits associated with booking rental apartments online, this new development has also opened the door to online scammers. There are online fraudsters taking advantage of potential clients to extort money and rent non-existing apartments. Here are things you should avoid to safely rent an apartment online.

Avoid contacting unreliable persons

There are different players in the real estate industry. Among those offering rental apartments are apartment owners, travel agencies and real estate brokers. There are thousands of these players in the online market offering rental apartments. However, you can never trust every real estate agent you come across. Before you deal with any of these parties, make sure that they are legitimate. You can do your own research on their physical address and phone number. It is also advisable to research their reputation by reading reviews from past clients.

Don’t fall for every offer you get

This is a smart scheme used by scammers to entice potential buyers. The fraudsters will offer rental apartments at unreasonably cheap prices to entice you to book. When the deal is too good, it is advisable to think twice. To avoid such scams, always do research on the average market price. If you are looking for rental apartments in Edinburgh, you can visit several websites to compare the possible cost of renting an apartment.

Avoid sending money via unsecured means

You may be required to make a deposit to book a rental apartment. This is usually through online payment means. There are different means of payment. Scammers are known to use untraceable means. When requested to make a deposit, check on whether the means of payment can traced.

Ask for additional details about the apartment

A real estate website might have limited information about an apartment. However, a legitimate real estate company has access to other documents and details such as floor plans, videos and pictures. If you can’t physically visit the apartment site, you can request these and any other details to confirm the apartment’s existence.

There are thousands of real estate companies you can trust in helping you find a rental apartment in Edinburgh. Always be cautious especially if you’re traveling solo, and follow your instincts in case of doubt. Take your time to research about the company plus the apartments offered.


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