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A Perfect Trip To Queensland

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Planning your perfect trip to Queensland must definitely be exciting. As the second largest state in Australia this region attracts a large number of tourists. Queensland is famous for its diverse nature and due to its many hours of sun, the region is often referred to as the “Sunshine State”. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is the 3rd largest city in Australia, known for its young and charming vibe. Sunbathing or city-exploring, Queensland really has some great activities for everyone and there is a lot to see, do and taste.

So you are already wondering what the best things to see and do in Queensland are? Well, let’s cut right to the chase and brief you on some of the coolest things in Queensland! !

Explore and Enjoy Nature

No matter where you go in Australia you will be overwhelmed by nature. With so many snakes, wild birds, and the occasional crocodile, Australia poses horrors like no other country out there. Yet, wildlife is equally dangerous as it’s fascinating. This is the whole point really.

Of course, we exaggerate a little, but unless you are local, Australia is not a country where you can silly with taking different chances on the indigenous fauna. They call Australia ‘croc country‘ for a very good reason.

All over Australia you can meet dangerous species of birds and the terrifying saltwater crocodile which is one of the earliest species on Earth – having evolved from dinosaurs themselves and in fact considered to have lived through the eons of Earth when nothing else could survive.

Queensland specifically is definitely one of the most treacherously beautiful places in Australia, and on Earth. With tropical rainforest, sandy beaches and the famous Great Barrier Reef, there is no wonder why Queensland is so popular among both local and foreign tourists. Diving and exploring the coral reefs and the ocean’s bottom is one of our favorite pastimes. Queensland is of course with an open access to the ocean, so you will never be without an option for some scuba diving.

Just like the great white shark, the saltwater crocodiles are definitely a sight to behold, we won’t lie to you about that.

We welcome you to give it all an honest go and try to scuba dive in your pursuit of new experience. Oh, yeah – one thing. Sharks are very common, so make sure you have someone covering for you.

Want to Say Safe? Stick with the City

The wildlife is amazing and for anyone with a desire to explore new and dangerous species, Queensland will definitely keep you busy. But let’s face it – some of us prefer the quiet of the city and one of the best ways to stay safe is to stick with the city of neon lights. No mistake about that.

But what are the best cities in Queensland and what can you do there? Well, isn’t it obvious! Brisbane is a must! And Cairns. And..well the list can go on. Queensland is actually home to several large cities in Australia as well as to 12 out of Australia’s 20 land based casinos. If this is your thing then Brisbane should be a good choice with 6 casinos. And yes, if you are a foreign visitor and you want to drop by a casino, you may want to know that both online casinos and land-based casinos in Queensland are legal. Brisbane is also home to some of Australia’s major contemporary art museums and a visit to the Botanic Garden is a must for most travelers.

If your destination is Cairns you probably didn’t come for the city but for the Great Barrier Reef but make sure to visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park!

Check Out the Food

Well, Australians aren’t going to be put off by a tasty meal just because it’s big, or it bites, or it possibly takes luck and life-endangering situations to get it in the first place. No, no, and no! The cuisine in Australia is innocuous and you can really get yourself a nourishing meal in no time at all. There are all sorts of cool things to taste, some of which include pumpkin soup, meat pie, chicken parmigiana, vegemite and many others!

Queensland is famous for its seafood so any visit to this region should include delicacies like sea scallops, fresh barramundi and perhaps some tiger prawns. This you perhaps already knew. What may come as a surprise is that 95% of the horticulture industry is located in Queensland so if you buy a banana in Australia, it’s most likely from Queensland.

Visit a Zoo!

Want to have a look at some of the most interesting animals out there without becoming their breakfast, lunch or dinner? Well, there is an easy way to do this, really! Queensland offer you a chance to drop by the zoo and have a blast. If you are traveling with children, we will be the first to admit that this might be a safer option indeed! Safer than going to the swamps to see a croc, for sure.

Don’t let our phobias mar your experience. You are free to explore the charms of Australia any which way you see fit. With this being said, you will definitely have a blast enjoying the Australian countryside and Queensland’s specific quirks.

There are cool cities to see so make sure you create an itinerary that will reveal fresh experiences. After all, what’s the point of traveling if not seeing new things? Well, tasting new things, of course! Make sure to always be close to a good food treat, or a banana, and we can bet you anything that your Queensland experience will be quite fulfilling!



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