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Travelling Tips for Visiting Australia

Whether it is the wildlife, the food, or the incredible size of the place, Australia is a country full of surprises for those visiting it for the first time. Here are some tips if you are headed over there soon.

The Recalibration of the Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Opera House is this country’s most famous icon, even better known than the betting sites in Australia. You will be surprised, however, by the fact that it is rather small, and a lot beiger than you may have expected! The Sydney Harbour Bridge, however, is a feast for the eyes. The views from the Circular Quay are excellent too, so be sure to take them in.

The Extraordinary Distances Between Various Places 

A classic mistake that those visiting Australia for the first time make is trying to see and do everything in a matter of weeks, forgetting that it is not just a country -it’s a continent as well. It is a much better idea to choose two or three areas to travel to, and explore thoroughly, than trying to tick off all of the highlights in just one visit. If the latter is attempted, you will find that the largest part of your journey will be spent in transit.

The Great Expanses of Nothing At All

Not only are the intervals between the major cities far bigger in Australia than they are in the United States or Europe, there are a lot fewer little towns between them as well. This boundary between urban areas and the wilderness is something to Australia’s credit: once you get out of the city it really feels like you are in the wild. It is not just a short blast of countryside before the next settlement appears. Much like the great walks in New Zealand, there is plenty of open space and wilderness to explore.

The Seasons are Something Else

Another big mistake people make about Australia is assuming that, because it is situated in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are in reverse to those in the northern parts of the world. This holds true in southern Australia, but certainly not in the north.

The best time for visiting Sydney may well be in the period between November and April, but remember that the opposite is true for the Top End and Great Barrier Reef, when it is simply a soggy and sweaty wet season that you will have to try to endure.

The Sheer Size of Kangaroos 

The kangaroos known as eastern greys are larger, leaner, and much more hardcore-looking than you may imagine -and the red kangaroos are all of that times two. They are very cute, just be aware that they can be really dangerous as well.

Wombats are Going to Win Your Heart 

The other famous animal from Australia is the koala bear, but these creatures are a lot heavier, and wield claws that are much sharper, than you may have imagined, and you can only cuddle them if you are in Queensland. However, the wombat, the koala-cousin, will steal your heart as soon as you spot them. Picture a combination of a panzer tank and a guinea pig, and enjoy the view of what may well be the cutest animal in the world!

There are many reasons to travel and Australia is a great place to start. Remember these tips and enjoy your vacation!

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