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Eating Cheap in Paris, France

Paris is the capital city of France, known for its delicious cuisine. It is home to the finest and most expensive restaurants. However, it is possible to find out cheap places where you can enjoy quality meals and snacks. Within €10 to €20, a person can have full meal at certain bistros and cafes. Travelers on low budget can easily enjoy local cuisine without spending a large amount of their savings on food alone.

Following restaurants offer quality food in low prices:

· Bistrot Victoires:

Bistrot Victoires is a preferred place for travelers who wish to enjoy local French cuisine without emptying their wallet. Fresh salads and other items can be purchased for less than €10. It is usually visited by tourists and local people for having light dishes instead of full course meals.

· Au P’Tit Grec:

Au P’Tit Grec is a go-to place if you want to have crepes at low prices. Despite low price, the quality is good and large portions are sufficient for a person. The delicious food is available for almost €6. It is one of the best places in the city to have well-cooked crepes.

· L’Ilot:

L’Ilot is one of the most favorite places of seafood lovers in Paris city. A variety of items can be ordered for starters and main course at low cost. It is not necessary to order a full dish, as you can get half a crab or other similar dishes that would suffice for a meal. Oysters and smoked fish are their popular items.

· L’As du Fallafel:

The falafels at this restaurant are considered to be the best in the whole city. The rich food item is not only the best in quality but is also quite huge in size. The restaurant also offers many other dishes, but their falafels are the major reason why they are popular.

· Du Pain et des Idée’s:

Du Pain et des Idée’s is one of the best bakeries in the city. Rolls, pastries and pain de amis should be given a try at least once. It is located in city center near the Canal St Martin. Their delicious baked items at affordable prices make them the best bakery without any doubt.

· Le Richer:

Le Richer is one of the most comfortable and lively bars in Paris. It is located near city center and is extremely convenient to access. It offers amazing food at less than €20 per head. Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks with main course such as beef cheeks and buttered cabbage. They also offer starters. Lunch and breakfast can also be enjoyed at far less value.

· Hutch House:

The Hutch of Hot dogs is a recommended place to have hot dogs, bagels and sandwiches. In €4 to €6, you can have a tasty dish enough for lunch. Despite the low cost, quality is not compromised.


With the help of this list of cheapest eating places in the city, it is possible to enjoy local cuisine. The tourists can enjoy delicious meals even if they are on budget.


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