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How to Travel the World to Enjoy Food and Where to Go To For the Best Meals?

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Who says going food hunting around the world isn’t adventurous? Of course, it is! However, eating foods from different places and cultures that you are not familiar with can, at first, send shivers to your spine. But you can remove fears of any sort by patronizing the best restaurants during your visits. You do not only get to eat your way around the world; you also get to learn about the food and other people’s cultures. To achieve this, consider these tips.

  • Get the Basics Right

While thinking of going on a food tour, the first thing you need to do is get your facts right. Get the necessary information on where to start the journey from, what foods to try, the best travel agency to follow. Reviews about flying with Avancia proves that it is an airline that puts the passengers’ comfort and enjoyment first. You can also book a multi-city trip ticket, which will allow you to explore the world better.

  • Know Your Allergies

As much as you want to try out new delicacies, you need to know and appreciate your limits. If you are allergic to a particular dish or ingredient, make sure you find out if it is safe for you to try out such meals.

  • Practice Hygiene

While trying to explore the meals around the world, make sure you put your health first at all times. Practice a high level of hygiene, especially if your next adventure is to try out street meals. Wash your cutleries properly, wash your hands, and make sure that the environment is clean enough before trying out their foods.

  • Learn About Society

Learning more about society will go a long way to help you in knowing more about the food to eat. Exploring different delicacies around the world will give you an insight into the cultures and periods when such foods are in abundance. As such, you are not only learning about food. You are also learning what makes the people in the society tick.

  • Eat Your Way Around the World

It is very pleasing that you have not only decided to explore the world but also the sumptuous meals around the world as well. Therefore, do not forget to enjoy yourself as that is the goal. Do not be afraid to explore different meals, even the ones you know before in a different way. Through eating your way around the world, you could also make new friends that will explore the world with you.

World Best Food and Where to Find Them

Since the goal is to find out as well as explore more mouth-watering meals, you might as well find out where these delicacies are typical.

Stinky tofu – Southeast Asia; Ketchup- United States; Fresh toast – Hong Kong

Chili Crab – Singapore; Maple Syrup with pancake – Canada

Ankimo and Sushi– Japan; Lechon – Philippines; Butter Garlic Crab – India

Lasagna and Neapolitan Pizza – Italy; Croissant – France; Bunny Chow – South Africa; Piri-Piri Chicken – Mozambique; Rendang – Indonesia; Som Tai and Massaman Curry – Thailand; Tacos – Mexico; Pierogi – Poland; Peking duck – China; Penang Assam Laksa – Malaysia.


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