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Exploring Pennsylvania as a Solo Traveler

Pennsylvania is a wonderful state due to its popular culture and unforgettable attractions. There are exciting places to visit in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Allentown, Erie, or in smaller towns like Haverford, York and Altoona. As a lone visitor, you can visit state and national parks, play slots in casinos, visit historical sites, hike the trails or satisfy your taste buds in some of the best restaurants. As they say, there’s something for everyone.

Roll the slots at Parx Casino 

Pennsylvania sports betting was legalized in 2018 and since then, any bettor within the state is free to bet live at casinos. Within three years, sports betting in PA has grown by more than 900% to more than $600 million. One of the top sports betting casinos to visit in PA is Parx.

At Parx, you can bet on college football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, and many more. You are free to choose your best betting way like moneyline, parlays, spread, teasers, props, and unders. Parx online betting app is available on Android and Apple.

Go for a night out

There are no travel restrictions currently and Americans can travel right now to any place of their choice and of course, nightlife has come alive because of this. In Philadelphia, the nights come to alive with many places to visit. Spend an evening at Spruce Street Harbor Park or order cheesesteak at Sony Steaks. Watch the day bow down to the night at the Benjamin Franklin Bridge or quench your thirst at the famous Independence Beer Garden.

Visit PA cities

There are many cities to visit in Pennsylvania and they are never short of attractions beginning with Philadelphia, the largest city to the smallest. You can ride a boat in Erie City, visit the steel factories in Pittsburg or dip yourself in Sauna in one of the 5-star hotels in Philadelphia. There are many places to do shopping in the cities and you can really shop till you drop.

Visit the Independence Historical National Park

The Independence Historical National Park is one of the best places to visit when you want to feel more attached to the USA’s history. This is the place where the most important event took place in 1776 – the Declaration of Independence. This place hosted many of America’s founders and you can visit its two main halls – the Liberty and Independence Hall.

Visit the Ohiopyle State Park

The Ohiopyle State Park is in Ohiopyle, one of the smallest towns in Pennsylvania. The 19,000-acre park has several waterfalls and is one of the best places to do whitewater rafting. You can watch the water falling in Cucumber Falls or Ohiopyle Falls. The town has many exotic restaurants and it’s the town with the smallest population in the entire state.


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