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Kid-Friendly Beaches in Brisbane

Are you planning to fly into Brisbane this year? Brisbane, the third-largest city of Australia stretches along the Brisbane River and outshines with ancient history and modern elegance. It also has been able to win the hearts of families all around the world because there are plenty of things to do with kids. So, here is a list of kid friendly beaches in Brisbane for you to check out when you are there.

  • Street’s Beach, South Bank.

This is an amazing man-made beach in the heart of CBD. It is great not only for kids but also for anyone looking to jump into the water to cool off. As the place is safely covered with numerous duty lifeguards, you can let your kids enjoy as much as they want in both water and grassy areas. Fountains and sprinklers are found everywhere for kids to enjoy. Its plenty of shade and nearby refreshments make being here more convenient with little kiddos.

  • Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island.

As you go along the Western Side of the Bribie Island, you will find Sylvan Beach which is composed of gently sloping nice sand and irresistible water that are perfect for your little ones. The amusing parks resting on the beach are great places to enjoy with your kids. Even the atmosphere is favourable for a little kid as the heavy sunshine is obstructed by rows of trees. Let your kids engage in watersports on the esplanade at Sylvan Beach while you explore a bit around.

  • Wellington Point.

Looking for a seaside spot to go kitesurfing with your little kid? Wellington point is your right destination. Not only kitesurfing but also boating, jet skiing and windsurfing can also be done at Wellington Point. Its beautiful location suits both adults and kids. Wellington Point is also recommended by locals for school trips. Other than doing water sports here, a suggestion would be to do fishing with your kid, which would give them a new experience.

  • Coochiemudlo Island.

As you move about 35 km away from Brisbane main city, you will come across the beautiful Coochiemudlo Island. Kids are always welcome to this seaside spot along with their furry friends! Its waters are shallow and children of all the ages can equally play in it with their furry friends. The beach stretches for 4km, it is well cleaned and safe for everyone to stay the night even. Kids will surely keep staring at crabs, sea eagles, turtles, dugongs that are on the beach and you will also get dolphins, whales sightings in here. This is truly a wonderful natural habitat where families can get plenty of joy with their little kids.

  • Wynnum Beach and Wading Pool.

Looking for a seaside destination to have lunch with your toddlers after enjoying a cool sea bath? Then head to the Wynnum Beach and Wading Pool in Brisbane! There is a separated shallow area in the man-made marine pool for little kids. If you go here with your camp chairs you could sit and rest on the esplanade and let your kids enjoy themselves. Young children can engage in lots of waterfront activities like swimming, walking and riding on the long sandy beach.

  • Suttons Beach, Redcliffe.

This is a great beach spot close to Brisbane. Its light waves make it a perfect place for toddlers to get into the water. The nearby trees provide abundant shade to relax during the day. A suggestion would be to arrange a picnic at Suttons Beach. Children can enjoy recreational water activities on its calm waters. Give your kids a big basket to collect the different types of seashells that they will find on the shore. It would be fun for teenagers to play beach volleyball on Suttons Beach’s smooth sands!

  • Woorim Beach, Bribie Island.

This is a must-visit beach in Brisbane with your kids and family. That is because Woorim Beach is a point famous for dolphins and whales sightings. You can arrange for a tour and watch them peacefully. You can also enjoy the great weather, crystal clear waters and the white sandy beach with kids. Let them play and help them build sandcastles! While your little one plays around you can wander around freely on the Woorim Beach or relax in the shade while watching the sunset!

  • Shorncliffe Beach and Waterfront.

Other than horses, dogs and marine birds, the mostly seen figures on Shorncliffe Beach are little children! By that, it means this seaside destination is very safe for kids. It is also a perfect family picnic spot where parents can rest and children can play around. But the festival seasons must be avoided as the beach gets fully packed during festivals. Tides of the early morning are so smooth. Therefore, this place can be pointed out as a great option for parents to do exercises while allowing children to swim without hesitation.

  • Nudgee Beach.

Are you in search of a place which has a blend of wildlife and marine life? Then head to Nudgee Beach. Kids will love wandering here rather than doing swimming and water sports, as the surrounding is abundant with exotic animals. Another reason for kids to love this place is that Nudgee Beach accepts their pet dogs as well. On the right of the beach, there is an amazing park where everyone can splash about the waters. Nudgee Beach is more spacious and vibrant with surrounding boardwalks too and therefore is perfect for small strolls with kids.

  • Settlement Cove, Redcliffe.

Settlement Cove is a lagoon containing a pool filled with salty water and in the middle of the lagoon, you can see a small island. The pool area reserved for kids is well shaded with trees around. Children who are talented swimmers can swim through the bluish clear waters to the island. Settlement Cove is an ideal spot to visit in the night as well. You can eat mouthwatering seafood dishes and try some BBQ on the beach!

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