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Know This Before You Go To New Zealand

New Zealand has amazing adventures, dandy drives, wonderful wine, captivating coffee -but not much internet! Herewith are some tips if you are intending to travel to this beautiful country any time soon that are good to know before you touch down.

If you do manage to find a steady internet connection, don’t forget to try your hand at some of the pokies New Zealand has to offer. Pokies are the name given to slots games, and this nation adores these. No trip to this side of the world would be complete without a spin of the reels or two.

Keep to Customs Requirements

Even if you don’t think that you have anything to declare, the customs requirements in New Zealand are taken very seriously. Failing to meet these could result in some pretty serious consequences, no matter how well-intentioned you may have been.

You can get into trouble for not declaring a wooden carving purchased right at the airport, for example, and, if you plan on hiking, let them know you are carrying outdoor gear. On a side note, keep these clean, because dirty boots could net you a fine of as much as US$400!

Do the Spadework for Sandflies 

You may be used to mosquito bites, but Sandflies are a different story from start to finish. They are minute creatures with a relentless passion for human flesh. Travellers report as many as 40 bites on just their ankles in the period of a couple of days, and these keep itching for much longer than you will be able to imagine. If you are hiking or enjoying outdoor activities, dress appropriately and make sure you have bug spray to keep these hungry beasts at bay!

The Locals are Crazy for Coffee

This will be one of the most pleasant surprises for coffee-lovers heading to New Zealand. Every single bar, restaurant, gas station, roadside stop, and hotel have first-rate espresso machines available, all outfitted with some wonderful coffee bean varieties. It is a little-known fact that New Zealanders are as obsessed with coffee as they are, and even the tiniest towns will have brews to rival the most upmarket coffee shops back home.

Revel in How Remote it Is

The total population of New Zealand is around 4.5 million, although there are 70-something million sheep. In the south island there will be numerous times when you can travel for hours on end without the appearance of either gas stations or grocery stores. Make sure you are stocked up on both food and gas as and when you find them to avoid the horror of being stranded and starving at any point of your adventures. 

Find the Fun of Freedom Camping

Unless it is specifically posted otherwise, you are allowed to set up camp on any conservation land, and the good news is that conservation land takes up a large part of this country. This makes renting a campervan or RV a great idea, and the places you will be experiencing are truly out of this world.

Make your preparations and have fun!

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