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Refreshingly Different Italian Experiences

Italy is a very beautiful place. It is somewhere visitors always get a warm welcome. It is a very interesting country that is made up of regions that have unique customs. So, it is a great place to spend a few weeks. Somewhere that offers you the chance to experience something a little different. Here are a few highlights or what is on offer in this lovely country.

Affordable cultural experiences

Italy is the birthplace of opera. If you are looking for affordable experiences, Opera Tickets Italy is a particularly good place to go. It is where this beautiful way of telling a story was created. Yet, in Italy, opera is definitely not elitist. Lots of ordinary people attend local performances. The fact that there is so much demand for this art form is part of the reason the price of tickets is so low when compared to other European countries.

Enjoy a slow food festival

The Italians love their food. To say that they take it seriously is an understatement, a big one. For the most part, Italians have resisted the wave of fast food chains that have washed over much of the rest of Europe and swept away many food traditions. Most Italians still cook, they like eating locally produced food that has not been produced in a factory.

Slow food is big in Italy. Small villages and towns across Italy pause at least once a year to celebrate a locally produced food product. It can be anything from a simple vegetable to a complex tasting cheese or ham that takes years to reach maturity. If you can, plan your trip so you can enjoy at least one of these wonderful food festivals. This list is an excellent starting point because it lists most of the major Italian slow food festivals.

Unique outdoor dining experiences

The Italians, like many Southern Europeans, love to eat outdoors. They do it really well and, often, with panache. If you get the chance book yourself a communal outdoor meal. For example, dinner in a vineyard or if you want something a little more intimate an “eat like a local” experience. For these consider venturing outside of the cities and towns and join a country based family. The meal is likely to be very simple, but it is likely to be delicious and quite unlike any other meal you have had.

Special festivals and carnivals

For Italians, festas (festivals) are a very important part of life. Virtually every village and town has at least one festival that is celebrated each year. You would think that they would all be more or less the same. In reality, they are surprisingly different. Yes, they all include similar elements like a procession, a communal eating opportunity, an open-air disco. But, the atmosphere is different at each one and usually, there are one or two events that are unique to that particular festival or festa.

If you are looking for something impressive, head for a carnival. These tend to be far more elaborate affairs. Perhaps the most impressive is the Grand Masquerade Ball in Venice. It is a huge event, so if you want to attend you really do have to book early.

The above suggestions are just a sample of what this beautiful country has to offer. If you want to learn more, just go online and read a few of the travel blogs that have been written by visitors who have been enchanted by Italy.

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