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Solo Female Travellers Heading Down Under

Australia, as remote as it is, comes highly recommended to the solo female traveller. At about double the size of Europe, and with a population of only 24 million people, there are many things to rave about.

There are over 50 million kangaroos, 100 000 sheep, cattle stations about the size of Belgium, plenty of horses and stud farms and national parks that take up as much space as half of Switzerland. The sheer size of the country makes it a wonderful place to explore.

Random Facts About Australia

 Above and beyond the excellent Internet betting, casino games, and online bingo Australia has to offer, there are some interesting titbits of information you can call on in your next discussion about Down Under:

  1. It’s an incredibly big country: as large as the continental USA. In fact, it’s the sixth-largest country in the world.


  1. There are more than 10 000 beaches in Australia, and you will need to pack some serious sun-protection.


  1. Make no bones about it: it gets incredibly hot in Australia. But it also encounters cooler weather, especially at night.


  1. There is a very real chance you may get lost in the slang. Read up a little about it before you go!


  1. 75% of the local species are listed as unknown, and the ten deadliest snakes in the world live here.


Nature is the Biggest Draw

Australia’s biggest draw for the solo female traveller is the incredible nature it boasts, and the accordingly good range of outdoor and off-the-beaten-path activities it provides. If you’re a road-tripper you’ll feel as if you’ve died and gone to heaven as you experience the incredibly vast, endlessly fascinating landscape.

It’s Safe for Women

Australia is safe for women to travel to, and about in, and you can enjoy night travel on busses, trains, and other forms of public transport without undue worry.

First of all, travelling at night is relatively common in Australia, and, secondly, Australians are respectful and easy going. In my solo travels around the world, this country is by far the one I have felt safest in.

Locals welcome solo female travellers, and will gladly extend you the help you need, and even a little advice you don’t, and you’ll get lots of tips on where to go and stay, and even a few offers to join them at their own residences!

Enjoy the help as and when you need it, but try to make sure you’re never in a desperate position, of course, and make sure you’ve got a well-planned itinerary, and that you’ve organised everything as best you can.

Adventurous Experiences Galore 

If you’re looking for more adventurous escapades, Australia is a country that will meet you more than halfway, but beware that there are challenges to be met with as well. Driving on your own in the more remote areas, for example, and there are plenty of these, can be difficult if you are not used to it. The sheer size of the country means that you could drive for hours without seeing any other people or vehicles.

As with anything, take care that you know as much as possible before you set out, however, and the pros of visiting Australia as a woman on your own will far outweigh the cons!

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