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Solo Travel To Italy: Destination Ideas And Prep

Who hasn’t dreamed of journeying abroad– especially to the beautiful country of Italy! Italy offers yummy pasta, beautiful scenery, and amazing culture. You will be grateful you embarked on this journey for the rest of your life. Only problem is, you don’t have anyone to go with you but you still want to go. Maybe, you’ve never traveled alone so you’re not sure where to start. Problem solved, traveling alone doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. In fact, you might even be happy that you decided to go alone and you get to call all the shots! We’ve got you covered on all things Italy! Follow along for destination ideas and tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for your next trip ahead.

Pre- Departure

Before you go to Italy, you will need to ensure you are organized and have planned out a good portion of your trip. If you are organized beforehand, this will eliminate any unnecessary stress later on. There are most definitely some things you need to take care of before you leave!


First things first, make sure you have a passport or you won’t get far! If you already do, ensure that it is not expired and you are still able to use it to travel.

Asset And Pet Care

While you are gone, you should find someone to look after your home and car. If you have an electric car and use an EV charging station, this is something to maintain security of. Additionally, if you have any pets who need care, find someone who can pet sit for the time period that you’ll be gone. Planning this ahead of time so you’re not scrambling last minute is a smart decision.

Choose Your Home Base

We recommend finding a spot in Italy you’d like to spend the most time. For example, if you are enchanted by Rome and dream of spending time there that would be a good option to book most of your stay. Of course, you will want to travel all over Italy, but you don’t want to be moving locations every two days, as it can be stressful. Instead pick a home base and 3 or 4 additional locations in Italy to travel to.


This is the final thing you will want to take care of pre- departure. Choose a flight that doesn’t have multiple layovers. Depending on where you go in Italy, it is possible to fly all the way to Europe without a stop, and then an additional short flight to a smaller airport. As a solo traveler, you will not want to get off the plane for layovers, even if the prices are cheaper. Booking a long flight will save you time and stress. Not only that, but consider an airline you trust and choose your favorite seat– window or aisle!

Once You Arrive

Yay! You’ve made it to Italy and you are stoked! We are going to give you some recommendations for places to visit, choose as many as you’d like!


Florence, Italy is home to some amazing architecture and art. One of the most iconic sights is the Duomo, which you’ve probably seen in pictures. Inside it, there are displays of Michael Angelo’s “David” sculptures. Best part of the city is that it’s a great place to stay as a tourist because nearly everything is walking distance! From the shops, Duomo, and restaurants you can walk to it all. Additionally, just beyond the hustle and bristle are vineyards and beautiful Italian landscape. Making wine tasting a short bus ride away!


Rome is the capital and is a lot bigger than many other regions in Italy. If you’re visiting Rome, you will want at least 3 days to take in all the history and amazing cuisine. The Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Vatican are must sees while you’re in Rome. The history is spectacular and you will be in awe the entire time.


Venice is filled with Romance and Gondolas. You will get to see the beautiful architecture around the canals and hopefully get to ride in one too! A must see!

Capri/ Amalfi Coast

The coast of Italy is beyond gorgeous. With a much different feel than the central areas of Italy, you won’t be disappointed that you went to the Almafi coast and rode a boat to Capri.

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