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The Top Two Travel Spots for 2018

If you are planning your holiday for 2018 and beginning to think about just heading back to the place you visited last year with the beach that didn’t suck and the cocktails that were acceptable, stop! You know you can do better, and here is the number one destination in terms of travel this year to inspire you to dream big.

Whether you are looking for a way to indulge yourself after a lucky online gambling casino experience, or save regularly in order to treat yourself to a week or two away, it pays to do some research and spend your money wisely. Your future self will thank you when you return all the richer from experiencing a totally foreign way of life.

The Adventure of the Cape Verde Islands

What happens when you mix Iberian, Brazilian, and African influences together in a place already blessed with wonderful weather and sumptuous scenery? The Cape Verde Islands, just off Africa’s west coast, that’s what.

An Archipelago in the Atlantic

This archipelago is made up of ten islands, and is located around 570 kilometres, or 350 miles, west of Dakar. It mixes up outdoor adventure, pristine beaches, and a vibrant home grown culture to create a melting pot of awesome that has been simmering since the Portuguese first discovered it back in the 15th century.

These islands are well known for the wonderful music they produce, with a melodic heritage borrowing from a variety of different cultures that has provided the sparks that resulted in the fire of the World Beat sound. Despite having as small a population as it does, the Cape Verde islands has managed to create a total of five distinct musical genres, one of which is Morna, the traditional music and dance of this one-of-a-kind travel destination.

The Scenery is Simply Stunning 

Enormous volcanic peaks provide a remarkable to the archipelago’s amazing bays and some of the best beaches. You can take in wonderful little waterfront towns dotted with pastel-painted houses and heavenly hiking trails that will see you meandering your way across lava fields, drifting among deep ravines, and dawdling amongst the Dragon Trees, strange as they are.

Historical Interest is Provided for As Well 

There is history to these islands as well, for those who like to combine their travels with a little education. Take the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cidade Velha, for example. This Portuguese outpost dates back to the 15th century, and marks the spot where Vasco de Gama and Christopher Columbus made a stop on each of the incredible voyages the explorers were undertaking.

Make Sure Not to Miss: 

There are a couple of things you simply cannot forego if you choose to head to the Cape Verde Islands, one of them being sipping grogue, a locally made rum, while you take in Morna, the folk tunes sung in the local dialect, kriolu. Do this in one of the bodegas that line the Mindelo town waterfront, on the island of São Vicente, and you will think you have died and gone to heaven!

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