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Top Fall Travel Destinations In Texas

Nowhere in America is quite as nice to travel to in the fall as Texas. You will know you have arrived because you will smell maple syrup enroute to Hill Country. There are many great places in Texas to travel to during the fall season. If you are wondering where you should travel to in Texas, look no further. While traveling can be a little bit expensive, there are some quick and easy ways to get extra cash to fund your trip. For some people, Dallas title loans are the way to go. A vehicle title loan is a way to get quick cash by using your vehicle as collateral and securing the loan. You’ll get your title back as soon as you repay the money. Below are some of the top destinations in Texas to check out during the fall season.

Lost Maples State Park

A really great place to visit in Texas during Autumn is the Lost Maples Natural Area. This is a great place to have a nice picnic or find a cozy cafe to get some breakfast. There are many great activities to engage in here such as hiking, camping, fishing and swimming.

Walk And Drink Wine In Fredricksburg

If you love wine, you will really enjoy the Food and Wine Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas. What’s better than travel and food? It is just a short trip from Austin and the historic downtown is so cute and has many German influences including many breweries that you can try as you take a walking tour of the Main Street. If you’re not into drinking, there is plenty of delicious food as well. This festival is a full-course celebration of everything Texas has to offer including food, beer, wine, music, food court specialties and lots of fun.

Bloomin’ Bluegrass

Some bluegrass music, your favorite hat and a warm bowl of yummy chili. For many, that is the good life. Each October you can enjoy the chili cook-off in Dallas while attending the Bloomin’ Bluegrass Festival. What’s even better is that it is free admission.

Apple Pie In Medina

There is a story that goes around telling about Baxter and Carol Adams selling apples in town which they began to grow on their own trees. They had purchased a small rock house in the middle of Medina and put all their apples in their front room on a table. People from everywhere would come into town and hear about their sweet apples and would flock to buy them. Medina is considered the Apple Capital of Texas because it has an abundance of apple orchards. It is also where the International Apple Festival used to be hosted.

Texas State Fair

If you love a little bit of excitement, you need to attend the Texas State Fair. It has been around for more than 130 years and it is well versed in everything Texas. From country music to the livestock shows and the cornucopia of food to divulge in, there’s nothing quite like walking the fairgrounds of Texas in the season of fall.

It’s easy to see that there’s so many places worth visiting in Texas during The Fall season. If you have enough time and money, you won’t regret taking the time to visit everywhere listed above and are sure to have the time of your life.

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